Story ArcInto Valhalla


Mission Index

  1. Interrogate agents in Nerva (Longbow,Vindicators)
  2. Get info on Infernal's new base
  3. Interrogate agents in Nerva
  4. Steal Crey equipment
  5. Defeat all Longbow agents
  6. Defeat Infernal

Notable Foes

Interrogate Longbow agents

Operative Rutger

According to my sources, the notorious vigilante Infernal has been put in charge of establishing a new Longbow base within Primeva. You, Dread Tomax, are to assure this does not happen. Please begin by sweeping through Nerva and conducting a thorough interrogation of any Longbow agents you encounter. We need to know the exact location of this proposed base.

Longbow's continued presence in Nerva does not look good for me, Dread Tomax. I cannot allow them to expand further into Primeva and the secrets Arachnos is uncovering there.

Part 1: Interrogate agents in Nerva (Defeat 20 Longbow)
Defeat X @ Nerva Archipelago (Longbow,Vindicators)

Mission Complete: One of the Longbow agents you defeated was carrying a computer pass card.

ClueLongbow computer pass card

You found this pass card on a Longbow agent you defeated. It should enable you to access Longbow's most secure computer files.

Operative Rutger

This pass card should let you get into a Longbow base, extract the info you need from their computers, and get out. Good work, Dread Tomax. We're on our way to taking Infernal down.

Get information about Infernal's base

Operative Rutger

First, good work finding that computer pass key. Second, it's time to go in deeper. This time I'm sending you into a Longbow base to retrieve any and all information about Infernal's proposed Primeva base. I've already picked your target. The good news is, it's likely to have information we need. The bad news is, it's going to be heavily guarded.

I've copied the pass key in cae you don't make it back alive. What? Illusions do neither of us any good, Dread Tomax. Longbow would be happy to see you in prison, and you know it.

Part 2: Get info on Infernal's new base
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

The pass card you found shoudl get you into Longbow's computer network. The only problem is getting to a terminal.

Objective: You found some information about Infernal's new base.

ClueBase info

You found this memo on a Longbow computer. It reads:

'Infernal will arrive within the week to set up Firebase Valhalla. All personnel are expected to make themselves available to him. The base itself must be fully supplied with weapons, uniforms, and provisions.'

The memo includes a set of coordinates.

Mission Complete: You found the info Rutger needs.

Operative Rutger

Good work. We know where Infernal's base is going to be. Now to set up an ambush for this 'Firebase Valhalla'.

Interrogate Crey agents

Operative Rutger

We're not just going to shut down Infernal's new base; we're going to shut down Infernal. First, we're going to need a little help from Crey. I doubt they'd give it willingly, so you're heading back to the streets.

You're looking for information about Crey's communications disruption equipment. See what you can dig up.

Part 3: Interrogate agents in Nerva (Defeat 20 Crey)
Defeat X @ Nerva Archipelago

Mission Complete: One of the Crey agents you took down snarled, 'You want intel. Fine. Just let me go!'.

ClueThe Crey agent's story

One of the Crey agents you defeated snarled, 'You want intel? Fine! Crey's been working on some comm jamming units in one of the facilities of Sentinel Island. Very high tech, very hush hush. Now let me go!'

Operative Rutger

I knew Crey wouldn't disappoint. Guess it's about time you paid them a visit, huh, Dread Tomax?

Steal the communications jamming equipment

Operative Rutger

Crey's got some communications jamming equipment, and we need to get our hands on it. It ought to make taking out Infernal's new Firebase Valhalla a snap. You know what to do. Get to it.

I'm looking forward to smacking that stuck up vigilante down. Hope you are too, Dread Tomax.

Part 4: Steal Crey equipment (3 items to steal)
Laboratory @ Nerva Archipelago

Crey and Arachnos exist in uneasy peace here in Nerva. This isn't the first time an Arachnos operative has sanctioned a rad on the corporation.

Objective: You have recovered some jamming equipment.

ClueCommunications jammers

These high tech devices, stolen from Crey, should allow you to put the kibosh on Longbow's communications.

Objective: you have recovered some jamming equipment.

Objective: You have recovered some jamming equipment.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the comm jamming equipment.

Operative Rutger

Good work. Now, to set a trap for Infernal. It's going to be a doozy.

Plant the communications jammers

Operative Rutger

According to my sources, Infernal has just arrived on Primeva to set up Firebase Valhalla. You're going to rip that Firebase apart, but first you're going to make sure Infernal never gets a chance to call in reinforcements. I want you to get to a Longbow communications hub and plant those jamming devices. A little forethought on our part, and Infernal will be left completely stranded out in the wilds of Primeva.

You'll also need to take out everyone on site to be sure the word doesn't get out.

Part 5: Defeat all Longbow agents (3 jammers to plant)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

Longbow's managed to gain quite a foothold in Nerva, but with any luck, their days here are numbered.

Objective: You have planted the jammer.

Mission Complete: You have planted all three comm jammers and gotten rid of any would-be tattlettales.

Operative Rutger

Good work. Infernal should be arriving at Firebase Valhalla even a we speak. If only he knew what was about to descend upon him!

Take out Infernal

Operative Rutger

It's time. Infernal has been stranded in Firebase Valhalla. There's no way fo him to call for help. Now get over there and take him out! But remember: Infernal is a Vindicator with a lot of power behind him. I'd gather a full team if I were you.

Do well, and you'll be rewarded. Do poorly, and Arachnos will hear about it.

Part 6: Defeat Infernal
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

Infernal has a reputation as one of Paragon City's most adept fighters. You can't wait to face him.

InfernalInfernal [Hero]
A master of demon binding and summoning from another dimension, Infernal's boundless willpower allows him to control the many fiends he has forced into his service. As a member of the Vindicators, he often assists Numina of the Freedom Phalanx.

Mission Complete: You defeated Infernal!

Operative Rutger

You've made your rep, Dread Tomax, and mine as well. Infernal will rot in an Arachnos prison cell. At least, until one of Paragon's brightest arrives to break him out. They always do, you know. Nevertheless, he'll think twice before he books his next ticket to the Rogue Isles. Well donw, Dread Tomax. Well done.

Souvenir: Infernal's Axe

After you defeated the hero Infernal, you kept his axe. It's a powerful weapon, as well as a reminder of the adventure you like to call:

Into Valhalla

It began with Operative Rutger's mission to prevent Infernal from establishing a new base on Nerva. You interrogated several Longbow agents in the area, and on one of them found a computer pass key. This would enable you to access any files on Longbow's computer network.

You next went to a Longbow base, where you used the computer key to access information about Infernal's new base. You learned not only it's location, but also it's name: Firebase Valhalla.

You needed some help from Crey, so once again you took to the streets. After defeating a number of Crey agents, you learned that Crey was working on some communication jamming equipment.

You stole the equipment, caring little for the turmoil you caused in a Crey facility.

You went to a Longbow communications hub and installed the jamming devices. When you came for Infernal, he would never have the chance to call for reinforcements.

Then, it was time for the big showdown. You entered Firebase Valhalla and defeated the hero Infernal. Arachnos owes you a debt of gratitude, and Paragon City is down one more hero.

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