Minor Story ArcMiss Fortune's Wheel


Mission Index

  1. Steal artifacts from Tsoo - 1:00:00 (Tsoo,Freakshow,Carnival of Shadows)
  2. Steal codes from Freakshow - 1:15:00
  3. Steal Bonds and fight Carnies - 1:30:00

Press the 'YES' button.

Slot Machine

You put in some coins and pull the lever. The wheels whirl and the orange screen lights up. The wheels click into place, and the machine begans to blare noise from it's speakers. The screen reads:

First Bonus game: Tsoo Steal!
How to play:
Take stolen artifacts from Tsoo!
But watch out! Arachnos will arrive, and game is over in 60 minutes!
Would you like to play this game?'

There are buttons for 'YES' and 'NO'.

The wheels spin and the lights flash, and a single casino chip drops into the reward bin on the Slot Machine. An address is stamped on the plastic chip, along with the words 'Game Start!'. The slot machine's screen says:

'You have 60 minutes! Good luck!'

and then goes blank.

Part 1: Steal artifacts from Tsoo - 1:00:00 (1 stolen artifact, defeat Tsoo leader)
Abandoned warehouse @ St. Martial (Tsoo,Freakshow,Carnival of Shadows)

You really weren't sure about this at first, but there are a lot of Tsoo here. Maybe the machine was right?

Objective: You stole some old weapons.

ClueOld Weapons

You recognize these ancient bronze weapons you stole from the Tsoo. If you remember right, they were part of a big travelling archeological exhibit that was going to open at the casino soon. They've been all over the news. The Tsoo probably couldn't resist. And now you'll get to profit from it when you sell these old things to the highest bidder.

Objective: You found a ledger with some interesting information in it.

ClueA Ledger

This leather-bound notebok contains indexes of debts owed to the Tsoo by various people, as well as if they've paid up. Most if it's in code, so it's not very useful. A quick flip through it reveals that the biggest debtor is identified as 'M.Fort', not that it means much.

Mission Complete: You stole the stolen artifacts.

Slot Machine

The artifacts are all sold, and the money's in your account. You don't know how, but this machine tipped you off correctly. Right now it's screen reads:

'Insert Coin to Play Again!'

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Push the 'YES' button.

Slot Machine

You plunk in another coin and pull the Slot Machine's lever down, setting the rolling wheels in motion. One by one they lock into place, and the 'Jackpot' display lights up:

Second Bonus Game: Freakshow Felony!
How to play:
Steal Computer codes from Freak computers & defeat the Freak Boss!
But watch out! Arachnos troops will arrive, and game will be over in 75 minutes!
Would you like to play this game?'

The 'YES' and 'NO' buttons flash expectantly.

As the 'Jackpot' display goes off, a single casino chip drops into the reward tray. Once more, there's an address printed on it, and the words 'Go Get Em!' printed on the other side in lieu of Johnny Sonata's smiling face.

Part 2: Steal codes from Freakshow - 1:15:00 (4 codes to steal, beat Freak leader)
Abandoned office @ St. Martial

You still have no idea how this is working, but sure enough, the Freakshow are here. Now to find their computers.

Objective: You found something.

ClueAccount Access Codes

These account access codes will open up the electronic accounts the Freakshow have opened to hold the money they've stolen from the Casinos. It's amazing what you can steal with a few keystrokes these days.

Objective: You found some interesting information on 'L3ctr0-Li3z.

ClueA disk full of pictures

This computer disk is filled with pictures. One set, labelled 'Blackmail', shows a Tsoo warrior of the Copper Serpent sect engaged in some rather compramising behaviour. Another set, labelled 'Mistress', shows 'L3ctr0-li3s engaged in some rather compromising behaviour himself while being led around by a Carnival Mistress.

Mission Complete: You got what you came for and got out before Arachnos came down on the Freaks hard.

Slot Machine

You emptied the accounts and the Freakshow took the heat. The Slot Machine really seems to work.

Push the 'YES' button.

Slot Machine

You plunk in more coins this time and pull the Slot Machine's lever. The spinning wheels snap into place almost instantly, and the 'Jackpot' display explodes into life:

Third Bonus Game: Carnival Caper!
How to play:
Interupt Carnival Mid-Heist! Steal Bonds & defeat the Carnival Mistress!
But watch out! Arachnos troops will arrive, and game will be over in 90 minutes!
Would you like to play this game?'

The 'NO' button stays dark, but the 'YES' button is brightly lit.

Your hand is ready to catch the single chip before it hits the payout tray this time, and look at the address printed on it. You recognize the address as one of the businesses in the area.

Part 3: Steal Bonds and fight Carnies - 1:30:00 (4 bearer bond safes, defeat Carnival Leader)
Office @ St. Martial

There's a strange mixture of giddiness and terror in the air here. Whatever the Slot Machine got you into, it should be interesting.

Objective: You stole some bearer bonds!

ClueBearer Bonds

These bonds are as god as cash. Better, actually, because they're still accruing interest from the Arachnos Bank.

Objective: The defeated Mistress Fortune was clutching onto some papers in her hand.

ClueFortune's Note

Mistress Fortune was clutching these papers when you defeated her. Mostly they seem to outline her plan to use the money to pay off her gambling debts to a Tsoo crime-lord of the Copper Serpent Clan. There are also some notes about using the rest for a big party for her crew and some Freakshow she was working with. Something tells you that you'll have a much better use for all of that money.

Mission Complete: You got the bonds and got away clean!

Slot Machine

Those bearer bonds were quite a windfall, and considering the highly suspect activities going on, it's going to be unlikely that anyone will even say you were there. Once more the Slot Machine's clue was perfect. How it works is still a mystery, but you have the feeling that there may still be some more games to play with this particular one-armed bandit.

Souvenir: A strange casino chip

These strange Casino chips each have a clue on one side that led you on a series of exploits you now remember as:

Miss Fortune's Wheel

You always thought being a villain would be interesting and profitable, but sometimes things get kind of strange, even for you. You'd heard that there was a Slot Machine in St. Martial that sometimes gave out hot tips to criminal opprtunities instead of a jackpot. Turns out the rumours were true. You played the machine and got a tip about some Tsoo who had stolen some ancient weapons from an archeological exposition being held at the Giza.

You played the Slot Machine again, and this time learned about a group of Freaks who had tried to hack the Giza's accounts. While busting their heads and trying to steal all the purloined funds yourself, you found out that the Freak leader had been blackmailing the Tsoo boss you'd just taken out, and was himself in the thrall of a Carnival Mstress.

The next clue led you to a Carnival heist in progress. While fighting and stealing, you found out that Miss Fortune, the Carnival Mistress running the show, was not only the one controlling the Freak boss you'd fought, but was also in debt to the Tsoo boss you battled earlier. It seems that what comes around goes around, on Miss Fortune's Wheel.


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