Minor Story ArcPower of the Spirit


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Phil & his friends (Spectral Pirates)
  2. Kidnap Phil's mother
  3. Take out Legacy Chain troops

Notable Foes

Look for clues at meeting place

Veluta Lunata

Someone I know is missing, Dread Tomax, and Arachnos is looking for vengeance. Let me lay it out for you. There was a ghost, one particular ghost, who was working with us to bring Port Oakes' spectral population under Arachnos influence. He had an appointmnt with an Arachnos sorcerer last night, but the sorcerer never came back from the meet. Odds are, Phantom Phil got tired of working for us and decided to do in his contact. I need you to go to the meeting place and see if you can turn up any clues. It'll go a long way toward convincing Arachnos you're worth keeping around.

I know that sorcerer, Dread Tomax. Can't say I like him much, but I respect him. And I'd like to know if someone was powerful enough to take him out.

Part 1: Defeat Phil & his friends (Seek clues)
Cavern @ Port Oakes (Spectral Pirates)

A bleak chill grips your bones.

Objective: You heard Phil's words echo in your mind after he disappeared.

CluePhil's story

When Phil disappeared, you heard his words echo in your mind:

'I had to kill Malachai. He was close to enslaving all of us ghosts forever!'

Objective: This is the body of the Arachnos sorcerer.

ClueThe sorcerer's body

You found the body of the sorcerer sent to talk to Phil, the Night Haunt. There is no visible wound, and the man's face is frozen in an expression of horror.

PhilPhil [Elite Boss]
This recently-dead phantom claims to be on Arachnos' side, but there are serious questions about his loyalty.

Mission Complete: You have uncovered the fate of the Arachnos sorcerer.

Veluta Lunata

Shame about old Malachai. He wasn't much to look at, but he was smart and he was tricky. I can't say I'll shed many tears over him, but I'll still do my best to avenge him. We can't let anyone go around taking out Arachnos agents. Not people, and not ghosts.

Kidnap Phil's mother

Veluta Lunata

So, I was right. Phantom Phil killed Malachai, and somehow he's stupid enough to think he's going to get away with it. Well, Arachnos won't let that happen. We can't do much to Phil himself -- dead, you know -- but we still bring some serious pressure to bear. You see, Phil's a recent addition to the ghostly population, and his mom's still alive. I want you to get over to her office and kidnap her. Then we'll see what Phil has to say about his little misadventure.

Let this be a lesson to you, Dread Tomax. Cross Arachnos at your own peril -- and that of the ones you love.

Part 2: Kidnap Phil's mother
Office @ Port Oakes

You hear a voice cry out, 'Gentlemen and ladies, the Legacy Chain is here to protect you!'

Mission Complete: You kidnapped Phil's mother.

ClueEmma Kane's story

When you idnapped Emma Kane, she sobbed: 'I don't understand. My boy Phil died months ago. Sure, sometimes I dream about him. Sometimes I get the feeling he's still around. But that's just an old woman's fantasy!'

Veluta Lunata

Emma Kane's safe, for the moment, if not exactly comfortable. We'll see if she had any idea of what Phantom Phil was planning. That should get Phil to show his face. Or lack thereof. I'm impressed, Dread Tomax. You didn't flake out on me. A lot of people would have, but it seems you're made of sterner stuff than most. Maybe we're more alike than I thought.

Take out the Legacy Chain mystics

Veluta Lunata

I've interrogated Mrs. Kane. It wasn't what you'd call pleasant. For either of us. But I got some good intel. She told me that in the dreams she's had since Phil died, he talked to her about Arachnos. Based on what she told me, I think Phil was playing poor old Malachai all along. He never wanted to convince the Red Hands to aid Arachnos. he was just trying to learn as much as he could before he sicced the Legacy Chain on us. Well, given recent events, I wouldn't be surprised if Phil moved up his time table. So this is your chance to be a hero.

A hero for Arachnos, that is. Take out those Legacy Chain mystics. And there may be something in it for you.

Way I figure it, Phil thinks the Legacy Chain has what it takes to take down Arachnos and give the ghosts the peace they need to leave Port Oakes. Fat chance of that happening as long as I'm around. Peace is something I've learned to do without; Phil and his buddies can just do the same.

Part 3: Take out Legacy Chain troops (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Port Oakes

This Arachnos lab is under heavy fire from the Legacy Chain.

Objective: You found a computer program detailing Arachnos' plans for the ghosts of Port Oakes.

ClueMalachai's notes

You took these notes from an Arachnos computer. They detail the sorcerer Malachai's efforts to bring the Red hands under Arachnos control. At first he tried persuasion, but, after much experimentation, he developed a spell that would bind the ghosts to serve his will. No doubt this is what prompted Phil to do away with him.

PhilPhil [Elite Boss]
This recently-dead phantom claims to be on Arachnos' side, but there are serious questions about his loyalty.

Mission Complete: You rescued the Arachnos lab from the Legacy Chain.

CluePhil's last words

As he discorporated, Phil said:

I won't come back, i'm done with this world. If I go, you won't have any reason to hurt my mom anymore. You can let her go.'

Veluta Lunata

So, Malachai had a spell to put all the ghosts under his control? Interesting. Of course, it probably wouldn't have worked. But I'll hang onto it just in case. And I'll make sure none of the Arachnos agents have a chance -- I mean, an occasion -- to talk about it. After all, I lost Marco once. That won't be happening again.

As for you, Dread Tomax... maybe you had better stay out of my way for a while. In fact, I'd suggest you hit the road running and never come back. I don't have to tell you I can be a dangerous woman, do I?

Souvenir: Illicit copy of Malachai's files

No one else knows you've kept a copy of the wild plans of the Arachnos sorcerer Malachai. You've kept it as insurance in case Veluta Lunata moves against you, but it's also a potent reminder of the caper you like to call:

Power of the Spirit

It began with a missing sorcerer named Malachai, Veluta knew who was likely to blame: Phil, the ghost Malachai had been working with to bring the ghosts under Arachnos control. You went to the place where Malachai was to meet with Phil, anddiscovered the sorcerer's body. You had to battle through a number of ghosts to get to it, along with a few Legacy Chain mages, who seemed to be in collusion with the Red Hands.

Veluta knew Arachnos would want vengeance for Malachai, but, more importantly, she was curious about Phil's aims. And so sent you to kidnap Emma Kane, Phil's mother. Though the Legacy Chain had already thought to protect Mrs. Kane, you abducted her without delay.

Under Veluta's interrogation, Mrs. Kane revealed that she had often dreamed of her son in the months since his death. In those dreams, he had told her not to trust Arachnos. This led Veluta to believe that Phil had been playing Malachai all along. Phil planned to sic the Legacy Chain on Malachai's lab, and it was only a matter of time! Sure enough, within hours, Legacy Chain forces struck at Malachai's old haunt. You defeated them, with a little help from the Arachnos forces on hand. And you also recovered Malachai's files, which indicated that he had been about to bring al the ghosts in Port Oakes under his control.

When you told Veluta Lunata of Malachai's plans, she abruptly ended your relationship. She has so far managed to successfully conceal Malachai's intentions from her superiors in Arachnos, though you cannot be entirely sure of her motivation. Is it to protect the soul of the man she loved and killed? Or is it to keep Malachai's power for herself? Whatever her reason, you have considered it prudent to retain a copy of Malachai's spells.


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