Minor Story ArcHeavy Metal Doctoring


Mission Index

  1. Steal medical supplies (Council)
  2. Steal parts for Doc Buzzsaw
  3. Rescue all 3 Tank Freaks

Help Doc Buzzsaw get what she needs to start building Tank Freaks

Doc Buzzsaw

Ah, Dread Tomax! A pleasure to meet you, as always. In point of fact, it's most opportune timing. I've decided to put all of the unpleasantness with the Superfreak behind me, and concentrate my efforts on something much more practical:

I've decided to start producing Tank Freaks of my own. You see, most of the Tank Freaks here in the islands come over from Paragon City, and this puts my exuberant young friends in the Freakshow at rather a disadvantage. By building Tank Freaks here, I can correct this imbalance. However, I will need the assistance of a dependable individual to help me get what I'll need in order to begin.

Excellent! I knew I could rely on you for able assistance! Well, to begin, the first thing I will need it more medical supplies. Fortunately, i've located a supplier. Unfortunately, the supplier will likely not be willing to part with the supplies I need. To further compound the poor fortune, the current owner of the supplies is the Family. I'll leave up to your talents as to how best to procure what I need.

This list should have all the supplies I'm looking for.

ClueMedical supply list

This long list of medical supplies has everything that Doc Buzzsaw needs for major surgeries.

Part 1: Steal medical supplies (4 medical supplies to steal)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle (Council)

This warehouse is being watched closely. Any patrols that report trouble may be re-enforced.

Objective: The patrol called re-inforcements!

Objective: You found some of the medical supplies you're looking for.

ClueStolen supplies

All of these stolen medicines should be just what Doc Buzzsaw need for her work.

Objective: The patrol called for re-inforcements!

Mission Complete: You got the medical supplies Doc Buzzsaw wanted.

Doc Buzzsaw

With all of these supplies, I am almost ready to begin. Now all I need is a great deal of robotic parts, some control circuitry, and several energetic and power-mad young fools willing to throw their bodies away to become my armour-plated cybernetic experiments. The latter is surprisingly easy, but the former may present another opportunity for gainful work for you.

Steal robotic tech for Doc Buzzsaw

Doc Buzzsaw

I've secured some volunteers, now all I need is a few critical parts. Fortunately, the Council is shipping in some new robotic supplies that match nicely. I need them, and would like you to procure them for me. I suppose I should use stolen Crey technology components for the classic Tank Freak, but one must make do with local 'ingredients', as it were.

The Council's shipment is just about to come into port. Now, I don't need everything, just a few key components that I haven't been able to fabricate myself. Get them for me, and I'll reward you well, as always.

ClueA list of robotic components

This is a short but very detailed list of the robotic components Doc Buzzsaw needs in order to build Tank Freaks.

Part 2: Steal parts for Doc Buzzsaw (4 parts to take)
Cargo ship @ Sharkhead Isle

The Council must have heard about your robberies and stepped up ssecurity. The patrols are certain to call fro back-up if they get in trouble.

Objective: You found some of the parts

ClueTank parts

Doc Buzzsaw will need all of these robotic components in order to build her own Tank Freaks.

Mission Complete: You got the robotic parts for Doc Buzzsaw.

Doc Buzzsaw

With these final components, my Tank Freaks will soon be ready! Now all I have to do is prepare them, install these remaining parts, and hope the Council doesn't show up to destroy them before they're at full power. As if such an unlikely event could possibly come to pass!

Recover the 3 Tank Freaks

Doc Buzzsaw

Well, Dread Tomax, see you, there have been a minor set back. The Council and the Family seem to have realized that I was at the rrot of their mutual losses, and have taken over my lab before my new Tank Freaks were complete. Now these ruffians will destroy my beautiful creations! I will pay you handsomely to recover all 3 of the Tank Freaks I've already built. If you recover all 3, I'll make certain to provide you a tidy bonus. but if even one is destroyed, well, it shall be reflected appropriately in your pay.

Remeber, you must recover all three of them! If you lose even one, my presentation to my fellow meat doctors will be ruined, and your pay will be reduced. I hate to be so harsh, but you must succeed at this task.

This will effectively 'jump start' a deactivated Tank Freak.

ClueTanker Booster

This odd looking device can 'Jumpstart' Doc Buzzsaw's prototype Tank Freaks. Once active they should be able to help you, but Doc Buzzsaw will be upset if they're damaged.

Part 3: Rescue all 3 Tank Freaks (3 Freaks to recover)
Laboratory @ Sharkhead Isle

Rescuing all three of the Tank Freaks won't be easy. Once they;ve been activated, they'll be targets for the enemy.

Mission Complete: You recovered all 3 of the Tank Freaks!

Doc Buzzsaw

I congratulate you on a job well done, Dread Tomax! With all three of my new Tank Freaks, I will be ready to make a stunning presentation to my fellow Meat Doctors. And I have you to thank!

Please, accept your rewards.

But also, this must be my final payment to you. I'm afraid that I will soon be so busy with building more Freak Tanks out of my exuberant young allies that I won't have the time for the sort of field work you've helped me with so much. Let us part on this happy note, then. I wish you well in your future endevours, and hope you find the destiny you seek.

Souvenir: A Freakstarter

It's out of power now, but you once used this device to give several Tank Freaks the jump-start they needed during an escapade you remember as

Heavy Metal Doctoring

With her plans to build a SuperFreak behind her, Doc Buzzsaw decided to start building regular Tank Freaks locally, instead of bringing them over from Paragon City as the Freakshow had been doing. In order to build her first batch to prove it could be done, she needed certain supplies, which is where you came in. Doc Buzzsaw asked you to steal medical supplies from the Family for her, so she could begin.

With the medical supplies secured, Doc Buzzsaw still needed some more robotic parts. Fortunately, the Council had just shipped in a new batch of robotic spare parts for their own machines. Once you had acquired them, Doc was ready to begin.

Unfortunately, the Family and the Council had taken some exception to the thefts, and had captured Doc's first three prototypes. Doc needed all three of them back in order to make her presentation to the other Meat Doctors. You were able to manage it, and for that Doc Buzzsaw thanked you and paid you in full. That was the last time you worked for Doc Buzzsaw, as she soon became overwhelmed with requests for new Freak Tanks.


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