Story ArcZag Breakout


Mission Index

  1. Talk with Lorenz Ansaldo (Longbow)
  2. Steal Ultra-Jammer from Aeon lab
  3. Steal passcodes and plant Ultra-Jammer
  4. Break James O'Clary out of the Zag - 1:30:00

Talk with Lorenz Ansaldo

Shadowy Figure

Alright, Dread Tomax, I need someone who isn't afraid to go up against Longbow. If you think you're tough enough, go talk to Lorenz Ansaldo on Sharkhead Isle.

Ansaldo's got some important info for the task at hand.

Part 1: Talk with Lorenz Ansaldo
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle (Longbow)
Lorenz Ansaldo

Yo, Dread Tomax! That shadowy guy in Nerva sent ya? I got somethin' for ya...

The Family has some deep pockets, and we payed primo bucks for the info in this envelope. But your fella in Nerva has provided us with some quality heist in the past, so we're willing to part with this stuff as 'repayment for services rendered'.. Capiche?

Now get outta here!

ClueLarge Brown Envelope

This envelope contains aerial photos of the Longbow stronghold known as Agincourt, security details on the prison there known as the Zag, and the profile of a Zag prisoner known as James O'Clary, a known Family sniper and demolitions expert. It's obvious that the Family is looking to hire someone to spring O'Clary from the Zag.

Shadowy Figure

You got the envelope for Ansaldo? It's contents should detail what our objective is going to be. Let me take a look and I'll work out what else we're going to need.

Steal Ultra-Jammer from Aeon lab

Shadowy Figure

So we've got to spring a Family hitman called James O'Clary out of the Zag. I've read the security documents you got from Lorenz Ansaldo, and I think we can do this break-in no problem. All we need are the latest codes to bypass the main security doors. Those things are thick titanium with built in phase blockers - pretty high-tech stuff!

Ansaldo's files have information on a Longbow base that has the necessary security codes. The problem is that as soon as the base is compromised, they're going to put a security lockdown on the Zag. We need a way to kill any Longbow transmissions coming out of that base. Conventional jammers won't be able to stop Longbow tech, but I know that one of Dr. Aeon's labs have developed a working prototype of a hyper-charged Ultra-Jammer that kills and transmissions while still remaining undetectable. That's exactly what we need for this job! Break into the Aeon lab and steal the Ultra-Jammer.

You're going to run into some Arachnos trouble, so try to keep a low profile.

Part 2: Steal Ultra-Jammer from Aeon lab
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

You slip in the Aeon lab and start looking for the Ultra-Jammer.

Objective: You found the Ultra-Jammer!


This device looks like a small chrome toaster with dials and antannae. it is a hyper-charged transmission jammer taken from one of Dr. Aeon's labs. You plan to use it in a Longbow base after you steal the security passcodes to the Zag prison in Agincourt.

Mission Complete: You got the Ultra-Jammer!

Shadowy Figure

You got the Ultra-Jammer? Perfect, perfect. Let me get it ready and tested.

Steal passcodes, plant jammer, bust out prisoner

Shadowy Figure

Okay, Dread Tomax - it's go time! We've got the profile on the prisoner you need to break out of the Zag, and the Hyper-Jammer which will allow us to acquire the security door passcodes without setting off alarms. You'll need to steal the passcodes and plant the Hyper-Jammer in the Longbow base, then break James O'Clary out of the Zag.

Once the Hyper-Jammer is in place you'll only have a short time before they discover the device. You'll have about 90 minutes to bust James O'Clary from the Zag.

If you get caught in the Zag, you don't know me.

Part 3: Steal passcodes and plant Ultra-Jammer (Plant Ultra-Jammer, Find passcodes)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

Your intrusion has gone undetected for now.

Objective: The passcodes are not on this computer.

Objective: You found the Zag Security passcodes!

ClueZag Security Passcodes

These are the security passcodes to the Zag, the prison facility at Agincourt on the Nerva Archipelago

Objective: You activated the Ultra-Jammer!

Mission Complete: You have stolen the passcodes and planted the Ultra-Jammer!

Part 4: Break James O'Clary out of the Zag - 1:30:00 (Rescue O'Clary)
Longbow base @ Nerva Archipelago

You slip into the base using the stolen Zag security passcodes.

Mission Complete: You busted James O'Clary out of teh Zag!

Shadowy Figure

Lorenz Ansaldo passed on the news that the Family is pleased with your work!

Souvenir: Zag Security Badge

This is a badge taken from one of the Zag security guards at Agincourt in the Nerva Archipelago. You aquired it in a tale you like to call:

Zag Breakout!

It all started when a shadowy figure in the alleys of Crimson Cove informed you that certain interested parties were interested in hiring out your services. Traveling to Sharkhead Isle, you met with Lorenzo Ansaldo, a troubleshotter for the Family. He passed on to you a large brown envelope containing security information on the prison facility known as the Zag located in the Longbow stronghold know as Agincourt. The envelope also had information on a known Family sniper and demolition expert called James O'Clary who was a prisoner in the Zag. You spoke with the shadowy figure and he set you to work on getting the final details necessary for springing O'Clary from the prison.

The shadowy figure said you need to aquire a set of passcodes to get past the Zag security doors from the Longbow base. In order to prevent Longbow from initiating a prison lockdown after you stole the passcodes, you need to get a prototype Ultra-Jammer from one of Dr. Aeon's labs in order to stop all outgoing transmissions. After defeating a number of Arachnos guards, you stole the Ultra-Jammer from the lab safe.

You broke into the Longbow base, plantd the Ultra-Jammer and stole the Zag security passcodes. Taking the passcodes, you slipped into the Zag proper to break out James O'Clary from his cell.

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