Story ArcMass Duplicity


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Lamleigh and his crew (Nemesis)
  2. Defeat all soldiers in office
  3. Investigate Lovewest Trading
  4. Defeat squad leader, his men
  5. Raid Gordonless warehouse
  6. Defeat all soldiers in office
  7. Defeat all soldiers in lab
  8. Defeat prototype, its handlers

Intercept the weapons shipment

Anton Sampson

Red Tomax, I have a mission for you. It seems that a shipment of illegal weapons technology is comign into the city soon. My own contacts have given me a pretty good idea of where it's goign to be stored, but no one knows who's goign to be waiting to receive it. Could you intercept that weapons shipment?

All I've been able to learn is tht the team sent to pick up the shipment is being led by a person named "Lamleigh". Try and arrest him, if you can.

Part 1: Defeat Lamleigh and his crew (Find weapons shipment)
Warehouse @ Independence Port (Nemesis)

Vehicle tracks on the floor show that a lot of material has recently come through this warehouse.

Objective: This crate has been emptied.

Objective: You found some shipping ledgers.

ClueShipping ledgers

These ledgers are written in code, but their size tells you that a large number of shipmets have recently come through this warehouse.

Mission Complete: You have shut down the warehouse and found information on the weapons shipment.

Anton Sampson

Well, they got away with the shipment, but at least the armies of Nemesis won't be shipping any more illegal parts through that warehouse. Those shipping logs you found could help us track them down, if we can just break the code. I'll talk to a cryptographer I know and see if she can make anything of them.

Retrieve the ledger from Lisa Colbert

Anton Sampson

I took that coded ledger you found to a cryptographer name Lisa Colbert. It didn't take her long to crack the Nemesis code, but I'm afraid it might have gotten her into trouble. She just called me in a panic. She says she's being followed, and she thinks the perps are Nemesis' men! She's trying to avoid them, and would really like to get the ledger out of her hands. Will you go retrieve the ledger from Lisa Colbert?

Hurry, Red Tomax. I'd hate to see anything happen to Lisa.

Part 2: Defeat all soldiers in office (Rescue Lisa Colbert)
Abandoned office @ Dark Astoria

These old offices used to belong to a government agency. Old memos marked 'Top Secret' are scattered on the floor.

Anton Sampson

Lisa is safe at home, thanks to you. Her decryption of that ledger was very interesting. It looks like the Nemesis armies have been bringing in shipments from Europe for a while. The entry that really worries me is this last one, the prototype. It could be anything: a new weapon, some new armour, anything!

There's been a lot of debate about whether or not the armies of Nemesis are being led by Nemesis himself, or a copy cat. Finding a new prototype of Nemesis technology might answer that question for good.

Investigate Lovewest Trading

Anton Sampson

According to that ledger you found, the Nemesis armies have been moving their shipments through a number of front companies. If we can figure out which one was the final destination of this mysterious prototype, we may be get a good idea of what those soldiers are planning. The first front compny on the list is an import/export business called Lovewest trading. Would you investigate the company for me?

If the prototype is on site, you'll have to confiscate it.

Part 3: Investigate Lovewest Trading
Office @ Talos Island

This office seems well ordered. Perhaps too well ordered.

Objective: All of these files are completely empty.

ClueEmpty files

These files are completely empty. It seems likely that this company has never performed any real business at all; it is merely a shell for the schemes of the Nemesis armies.

Mission Complete: There's nothing left to find at Lovewest Trading.

ClueNemesis automatons

Though the employees at Lovewest Trading looked completely human, they were in fact mechanical automatons. It seems that this entire office had been staffed with these robotic imposters.

Anton Sampson

Lovewest Trading was filled with killer robots? You know, Nemesis used to use robotic duplicates to replace important people in business or politics. Their minds weren't that sophisticated, but they could pass as human for a while. They were key in his 1946 attempt to take over America.

Either this copy cat is good, or we're dealign with the true Nemesis himself! If it's the latter, we've got to find that Nemesis prototype. Nemesis' inventions may be diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they're incredibly dangerous.

Find a clue to the prototpye's location

Anton Sampson

I've got a lead on that Nemesis prototpye we're searching for. According to my sources, it seems likely that the prototype was sent to a Nemesis sheel company called Gordonless Imports. Gordonless owns a lot of warehouses though, and we need to check out their main office to learn which warehouse hsa the prototype. I've got to warn you, there's a good chance this offie will be filled with those fighting automatons you encountered at Lovewest. If you're ready to tangle with them again, then youmight be able to find a clue to the prototype's location.

I'm certain that prototype was sent to one of Gordonless Imports' warehouses. Red Tomax, we're really getting close.

Part 4: Defeat squad leader, his men (Seek clues to prototype's location)
Office @ Brickstown

This pictures hang perfectly straight. The vacuum marks on the carpet line up exactly. Even the footprints you see have a certain mathematical precision.

Objective: This box has a disassembled automaton inside, along with a packing slip written in code.

ClueAutomaton shipping slip

You found this shipping slip ina box containing a disassembled Nemesis automaton. While the slip is written in a cipher, the code seems to match the one Ms. Colbert broke earlier.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Nemesis squad leader and found a clue.

Anton Sampson

This shipping note you found looks like it's in the same cipher that Lisa Colbert broke earlier. I guess the Nemesis army hasn't had time to update their codes. I'll get it deciphered. It seems pretty likely that this shipment came from the same warehouse that's housing Nemesis' new prototype.

Raid Gordonless Import warehouse

Anton Sampson

I've had Lisa Colbert decrypt that packign slip you found at the Nemesis front company, Gordonless Imports. It pinpoints the warehouse that the Nemesis automatons are coming from. I really feel like we're closing in on that strange prototype we've been tracking. If you're ready, this is the time to raid the place.

I'm really worried about this prototype, Red Tomax. The Nemesis armies alreayd have such amazing technology! What's next?

Part 5: Raid Gordonless warehouse (2 clues to find)
Warehouse @ Independence Port

It looks like a normal warehouse form the outside. But with Nemesis, looks can be very deceptive indeed.

Objective: This crate contains a disassembled Nemesis automaton.

Objective: You found a list of shipments.

ClueShipment list

These files list the items recently shipped through the Gordonless Imports warehouse. The last shipment on the list reads 'Prototype mass-production robotic weapon (disassembled)'. It's final destination isn't shown.

Objective: You found some interesting notes.


These handwritten notes refer to a central information storehouse that contains records on every organisation successfully infiltrated by Nemesis' lifelike automatons. If those records could be recovered, it would doubtless set back Nemesis' plans.

Mission Complete: You shut down the warehouse and found some strong leads.

Anton Sampson

You shut down Gordonless Imports hard, Red Tomax. I think your next stop should be this central information storehouse you learned of. Maybe there's something there that will lead us to the final destination of the prototype. I have to say, I really don't like the sound of this 'prototype mass-production robotic weapon'. Especially the 'mass-production' part.

Investigate the Nemesis records storehouse

Anton Sampson

I've been able to pin down the location of the Nemesis records storehouse. this could be big, Red Tomax. There's a good chance that place contains information that can shut down a lot of nefarious Nemesis plots throughout the city. And it might just help us find that new weapon prototype they've developed. Are you ready to investigate that storehouse?

It's imperative that we find that weapon prototype as soon as possible. Anything you can learn will be a help.

Part 6: Defeat all soldiers in office (2 clues to find)
Office @ Kings Row

The moment you enter, you can hear the distinctive hiss of Nemesis' steam technology.

Objective: You found some interesting records.

ClueInflitration records

These thick books are written in code, but you can tell there are hundreds of entries. It seems likely that each one represents an automaton that has inflitrated Paragon City's government or business world. With the help of the cryptographer Lisa Colbert, this book should be a windfall in the battle against Nemesis.

Objective: You found some transfer orders.

CluePrototype transfer orders

Written on parchment with Nemesis letterhead, these are written orders to ship a Nemesis battle suit to a hidden lab for final assembly and field trials. Though the lab's location is encoded in a cipher, it's a code that's been broken.

Mission Complete: You found a clue to the prototype's location.

Anton Sampson

You've just won a huge battle in the war against Nemesis, Red Tomax. These records you found should shut down a lot of the inflitration ops going on in the city. But I think what you've learned about that prototype may be even more important.

We knew it was a weapon, but I didn't think it would be a Nemesis battle suit! Nemesis often used duplicates of his own armour as heavy support troops for his soldiers. Though they were never as powerful as Nemesis himself, they were still one of the big terrors of his old army. The only reason he never fielded more of them was that they were too expensive to produce, even by his standards. If they've found a way to mass produce them, then there may be no stopping the Nemesis armies!

Stop the soldiers from assembling the prototype

Anton Sampson

According to those transfer orders you found, the Nemesis armies plan to assemble their prototype Nemesis battle suit at a hidden lab. Lisa colbert once again cracked the code, and it loosk like it's off to the sewers for you! Get over to that lab and stop the soldiers from assembling that prototype!

In days of old, the fake Nemesis did a great deal of damage. I hear it was often hard for heroes to tell the difference between the real Nemesis and his hollow constructs.

Part 7: Defeat all soldiers in lab (2 clues to find)
Laboratory @ Brickstown

This secret facility has been cleverly hidden in an offshoot from the sewer system.

Objective: You found some blueprints.

ClueAssembly blueprints

These are assembly instructions for a copy Nemesis' battle suit. While not as powerful as Nemesis' own suit, it does appear to be heavily armoured and extremely dangerous. Several of the complexities of the original suit have been trimmed away, makign it possible for this version to be mass produced.

Objective: You found a testing schedule.

CluePrototype test schedule

These notes detail a schedule of attacks on the city and on other villain groups. it seems these attacks have been planned as trial runs for the Nemesis battle suit.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Nemesis forces and found some important information.

Anton Sampson

It looks like they've already assembled the battle suit, and they're getting ready to test it! If you can make certain those tests fail, Red Tomax, maybe they'll scrap the new battle suit as a failure.

You should know that heroes have already started rounding up the Nemesis automatons how have inflitrated the city. It seems there were hundreds in place already! If you hadn't found those records, I have no doubt that they would have done irrevocable harm to this town.

Take on the false Nemesis

Anton Sampson

Nemesis forces are about to launch an attack against a Rikti enclave in order to test their new battle suit prototype. If you can destroy the prototype there, it should derail the whole project. Are you ready to take on one of Nemesis' legendary false Nemeses?

It may get pretty confused down there, but remember that your main goal is to find and destroy the prototype. That should shut this op down pretty quickly.

Part 8: Defeat prototype, its handlers
Cavern @ The Hollows

This is it. You head now into a battle against not just Nemesis and the Rikti, but against the latest weapon in the Nemesis arsenal.

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the false Nemesis prototype.

Anton Sampson

The destruction of that prototype should set Nemesis' research back. Hopefully they'll abandon the entire concept as a failure.

In some ways, though. I'm more worried now than when this whole mess started. The presence of a new robot based on Nemesis technology strongly indicates that it is really the true Nemesis as the head of these new armies. A lot of people hoped that it was just a copy cat organisation, but each new device makes that more unlikely. Nemesis is back, and the world is certainly in trouble. It's a good thing Paragon City has heroes like you around, Red Tomax.

Souvenir: Nemesis battle suit blueprints

These blueprints remind you of the fantastic piece of machinery you took down in an adventure you've come to think of as:

Mass Duplicity

When you hit a warehouse to stop a shipment of dangerous weapons technology. you didn't expect to come face to face with Nemesis soldiers. In the battle that ensued. you discovered an encoded set of shipping logs.

The shipping logs were written in code. so a cryptographer named Lisa Colbert was called in to decrypt them. But Nemesis forces caught up with Lisa. and you had to rescue her. The decoded logs listed a series of front companies being used by Nemesis. They also contained an ominous reference to a new prototype.

You went to investigate one of the front companies. and were attacked by sophisticated automatons that looked like office workers. You fought your way through. but found no information on the prototype.

Your next lead was another front company. but this time you were ready for Nemesis's deadly duplicate automatons. You also fought Nemesis troops. and discovered the location of a warehouse that might hold the prototype you sought.

You struck the warehouse. battling through Nemesis troops and automatons. The clues you found made the battle worthwhile. You learned that the prototype was some kind of new robotic weapon. You also learned of a central records storehouse. which might contain information about the prototype's new location.

The attack on the records center yielded more than you'd hoped for. You found a complete listing of all Nemesis automatons currently impersonating city figures. as well as the prototype's new location. The same documents also told you that the prototype you sought was a new Nemesis battle suit suitable for mass production.

You attacked the lab where the prototype was being assembled. but came away with only a set of assembly blueprints and a testing schedule.

The weapon was already being tested against the Rikti. You traveled to their lair and took on the fearsome machine. destroying it before it could be unleashed on the city streets.

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