OtherDefeat Nomarsis and his minions


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  1. Defeat Nomaris and his minions (Circle of Thorns)

Defeat Nomaris and his minions

Archmage Tarixus

The Circle of Thorns and I have a history of death and destruction. At this juncture most of the Circle in the Rogue Isles have realized that I am not someone who can be trifled with. Still, there are some who wish to control my spirit form as a weapon against their enemies. I have sensed a certain Circle mystic attempting to overcome my arcane defenses, and I want him squashed like the bug he is.

Nomaris has overstepped his bounds, and now he must pay the price.

Part 1: Defeat Nomaris and his minions
Oranbega @ Sharkhead Isle (Circle of Thorns)

The air is heavy with incense

Mission Complete: You have taken down Nomaris?

Archmage Tarixus

I no longer sense Nomaris buzzing around like an annoying fly. The deed is done.


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