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Mission Index

  1. Capture soul of Akarist (Longbow,Circle of Thorns)
  2. Offer soul of Akarist

Soul Taker
The wizard Taraxis taught you dark secrets of the infernal realms in this mission.
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Offer soul of Akarist

Archmage Tarixus

Over the centuries I have made pacts with various entities, bartering for secrets. Now payment is due on one of the pacts, and I have a plan that will satisfy the bargain while eliminating one of my old rivals. There is a rogue mage amongst the Cirlce of Thorns known as Akarist, currently under protection by Longbow. I wish to offer his soul in place of my own!

Capture the soul of Akarist and offer it upon a Circle of Thorns altar!

These things happen all the time, Dread Tomax. Checks and balances is all it is.

Take this soul crystal to capture the soul of Akarist.

I have ensorcelled the crew of a sub in Port Oakes. Go there to travel to the Longbow underwater base.

Part 1: Capture soul of Akarist
Underwater Longbow base @ Port Oakes (Longbow,Circle of Thorns)

You break past the access codes and into the Longbow base.

Objective: You use the crystal to capture the soul of Akarist!

ClueSoul Crystal

This crystal contains the soul of the rogue Circle of Thorns mage known as Akarist. You have retrieved it for the Archmage Tarixus to fulfill the terms of a pact.

Mission Complete: You captured the soul of Akarist!

Part 2: Offer soul of Akarist
Oranbega @ Sharkhead Isle

The Circle of Thorns have built a stronghold underground here.

Objective: The crystal shatters to dust! Within the cloud, you see Akarist arguing with someone...

Mission Complete: You offered the soul of Akarist!

Soul Taker
Awarded for completing the mission
Archmage Tarixus

That Akarist is a Tricky one - he managed to broker a deal with the entity I made the pact with! Still, I am free of my debt, so all is well.

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