Story ArcForging the Blackwand


Mission Index

  1. Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain (Legacy Chain)
  2. Harvest coral from Slag Golems (Slag Golems)
  3. Acquire Blood of Mu (Scrapyarders)
  4. Retrieve Mu relics from Freakshow (Freakshow)
  5. Gather soul essence of defeated hero (Longbow)
  6. Forge the Blackwand - 1:30:00 (Circle of Thorns)

Notable Foes

Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain

Archmage Tarixus

Time passes and Tarixus remains, as constant as the rising sun or the flow of tides. My existence is ephemeral, but does not need to be. Through ritual and ancient magics, I can be granted more power over the world of the living. Such is my desire, and through my will this shall come to pass.

There was once an artifact known as the Blackwand. It channelled dark magics in ways that broke barriers between life and death. This artifact is required for the ritual I wish to perform, but it has long since passed from this world, destroyed by those that feared its malevolent power. But there are other ways to achieve my goal. there exists ancient lore that details how the Blackwand was forged. Through manipulations that reached across the centuries, that lore has been brought to my doorstep, here on the Rogue Isles. The fools that possess it do not realize what this lore is capable of, their feeble minds puzzling to unlock the most trivial of secrets. I bid you now: go forth and retrieve the Abyssal Tome from the Legay Chain vaults.

The Legacy Chain rightly fears what the Abyssal Tome can unleash, and will guard it fiercly. Remove the obstacles, and acquire the tome.

Part 1: Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain (3 bookcases to search)
Office @ Sharkhead Isle (Legacy Chain)

This office is another front for Legacy Chain activities in the Rogue Isles. Hidden aomewhere within it lies the Abyssal Tome Tarixus seeks.

Objective: You found nothing

Objective: You found the Abyssal Tome!

ClueAbyssal Tome

This is an ancient book containing various dark rituals in various tongues. You acquired this from one of the Legacy Chain hideouts on behalf of Tarixus.

Mission Complete: You acquired the Abyssal Tome!

Archmage Tarixus

Ah, the Abyssal Tome. It preserves many nearly forgotten rituals, preventing them from passing into oblivion. The Legacy Chain must have thought they could harness its power. They are fools - I'm glad I let it fall into their possession.

Harvest coral from Slag Golems

Archmage Tarixus

I have consulted the Abyssal Tome you acquired from the Legacy Chain, and found there the components necessary to forge the Blackwand is created, we shall gain much power.

First, we must harvest the primordial essence contained within the manifestations known as Slag Golems. Defeat 20 Slag Golems and return to me with the coral shard fragments they possess.

The creatures you hunt are animated by the power of the coral shards, mere automatons. Be swift and merciless.

Part 2: Harvest coral from Slag Golems (Defeat 20 Slag Golems)
Defeat X @ Sharkhead Isle (Slag Golems)

Mission Complete: You harvested enough coral shards!

Archmage Tarixus

And to think that these mere shards were once part of an entity so great... 'tis no matter.

Acquire Blood of Mu

Archmage Tarixus

The plans for building the Blackwand continue. The book you acquired from the Legacy Chain details what we require for the task. he coral shards you harvested from the Slag Golems provided us with primordial essence. Now we require someone possessing the blood of the Mu.

The Mu were an ancient race that possessed strong mystical talents - their legacy live on in their descendants. Most do not realize the power in their blood, but with my magic I can discern the truth. I have found one close by, a Scrapyarder leader known as Steeltoe Joe. Go to the Scrapyarder hideout and bring me an extraction of his blood.

I care not for the man, only for his blood. The blood, you see, is compulsory.

Part 3: Acquire Blood of Mu
Abandoned warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle (Scrapyarders)

The dust on the floor of this old warehouse is distrubed. Someone has definitely been here recently.

Mission Complete: You have acquired the Blood of Mu!

ClueBlood of Mu
This is the Blood of Mu, taken from an unwitting descendant of the ancient Mu civilization. It is a vital component in the creation of the Blackwand.
Archmage Tarixus

Excellent. Yes, I can sense the power of the Mu within the blood. It will do nicely.

Retrieve Mu relics from Freakshow

Archmage Tarixus

The pieces are falling into place. You have gathered the abyssal Tome, the Coral Shards, and the Blood of mu, all essential for the creation of the Blackwand. Next we need certain relics from the ancient Mu civilization, technology that works in ways that you cannot comprehend. Sharkhead Isle housed some of these relics, but the scavengers known as the Freakshow have stolen it for themselves, hoping to unlock the secrets so they can use it for themselves! Retrieve the Mu relics from the Freakshow.

These fools dabble with technology they don't understand. Retrieve the relics before they break something.

Part 4: Retrieve Mu relics from Freakshow
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkhead Isle] @ Sharkhead Isle (Freakshow)

You hear shouts of excitement and the clanging of metal. The Freakshow must be near.

Mission Complete: You recovered the Mu relics!

ClueMu Relics

These are pieces of technology from the ancient Mu civilization. Their original function is unknown, but Tarixus requires them for the creation of the Blackwand.

Archmage Tarixus

These Mu relics are the remnants of a once great civilization - how the mighty have fallen. No matter.

Gather soul essence of defeated hero

Archmage Tarixus

The components for the Blackwand ritual are almost complete! The Abyssal Tome, Coral Shards, Blood of Mu and Mu Relics have been gathered by you, and it comes time for one last task. The soul of a hero is full of potential, capable of achieving great things and changing the course of the world. A soul like this has great power... power we can harness for ourselves!

Once the hero is defeated, reciting an incantation of a soul crystal will gather his essence.

Part 5: Gather soul essence of defeated hero
Laboratory @ Port Oakes (Longbow)
Agent XAgent X [Elite Boss]
Agent X is a renowned Longbow super-spy. His technical skills are phenomenal, with a gadget or gizmo available for any occasion.

Mission Complete: You speak the incantation, and the soul essence of Agent X transfers into the crystal!

ClueSoul Crystal

This soul crystal contains the essence of the Longbow hero Agent X. It will be used in an upcoming ritual by Tarixus.

Archmage Tarixus

It is always best when soul essence is fresh. It is most potent then.

Forge the Blackwand

Archmage Tarixus

You have gathered the Abyssal Tome, the Coral Shards, the Blood of Mu, the ancient Mu relics, and the Soul Essence of a defeated hero. The time has come to forge the Blackwand!

You must go to a place of power, an ancient temple deep beneath Potter's Field. Few know of this place, but once you cross the threashold the wards will be broken and the energies of the temple will call out to those sensitive to mystic vibrations. You will be beset by the Circle of Thorns and their demonic allies, but you must win through to the ritual chamber containing the Obelisk of Yendor. Enacting the charm of making will take great concentration, but when it is complete the power of the Blackwand will be ours! I will then use the Blackwand as a conduit to transfer the energies of the Mu temple to me!

Go now to forge the Blackwand. I have prepared the components for the charm of making, but they will only retain potency for so long. You have 90 minutes to complete this mission.

It wil be worth your efforts, Dread Tomax. Do not doubt me.

Part 6: Forge the Blackwand - 1:30:00 (Invoke Charm of Making, Defeat demon attack)
Oranbega @ Sharkhead Isle (Circle of Thorns)

The air is stale. No living being has tread these corridors in a long while.

Mission Complete: You have forged the Blackwand!

Archmage Tarixus

As you completed the ritual, I channeled the power of the Mu temple to me! My strength grows!

You have proven yourself to be a powerful ally. Keep the Blackwand, and use it to break your enemies.

Souvenir: Ancient Mu Relic

This souvenir found in an ancient Mu temple from a tale you like to call:

Forging the Blackwand

It all started when the ancient scorcerer Tarixus spoke to you of a ritual that would give his ghostly form more power over the world of the living. In order to enact this ritual, he needed to create a magical artifact called the Blackwand. The construction of such a device was detailed in a book called the Abyssal Tome, an ancient book you acquired from the Legacy Chain.

Tarixus began gathering the components necessary for the Blackwand by sending you to gather primordial essence - coral shards gathered from the Slag Golems on Sharkhead Isle.

Next you tracked down a Scrapyarder leader who was an unwitting descendant of the ancient Mu civilization and gathered some of his blood.

You then invaded a gathering of Freakshow in an attempt to reaquire ancient Mu relics. the Freakshow were unsuccessfully trying to unlock the secrets of the relics when you arrived, and you quickly overcame them.

The final itme needed for the Blackwand was the soul essence of a defeated hero. Tarixus sent you to a Longbow base where you took down the hero known as Agent X and stole his soul essence.

Tarixus created a Charm of Making and sent you to a hidden Mu temple deep underneath Potter's Field. When you entered the temple the Cicle of Thorns came calling, hoping to steal the secrets of the temple. Fighting through to the Obelisk of Yendor, you invoked the Charm of Making and created the Blackwand. The energies of the Mu temple were directed to Tarixus in the process. In return for your servie, Tarixus allowed you to keep the Blackwand.

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