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  1. Destroy the Scrapyarder safehouse

Bust up the safehouse

Vince Dubrowski

I got the goods on the Scrapyarders, Dread Tomax. I got them real good. Contact of mine gave me the location of an old office the Scrapyarders are using as a safehouse. You get over there and bust up that safehouse. Let them know they'll never be safe as long as Vince Dubrowski's around.

Make sure the Scrapyarders remember this for a long, long time.

Part 1: Destroy the Scrapyarder safehouse
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle


Mission Complete: Missing

ClueScrapyarder plans

You found these documents in a Scrapyarder safehouse. They detail plans to attack various Cage Consortium holdings throughout Sharkhead Isle.

Vince Dubrowski

You did a bang-up job,Dread Tomax. Guess the Scrapyarders will have a cold night tonight, eh?


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