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  1. Defeat all Freakshow

Take the fight to the Freaks

Vince Dubrowski

The Freakshow's been hijacking Cage equipment, Dread Tomax, and I need to make it stop. So we're going to take the fight to the Freaks, you and me. I've sent in some Cage guards already, but they won't last long without you. Can you go beat down some Freaks for Cage Consortium?

These Freaks can be nasty buggers, Dread Tomax. Watch your back.

Part 1: Defeat all Freakshow
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkhead Isle, Hell Forge] @ Sharkhead Isle


Mission Complete: Missing

Vince Dubrowski

Good work, buddy. We lost a few guards, that's to be expected. Point is, we made the Freakshow pay for taking on Cage. I think we can all stand a little bit prouder today.


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