Story ArcThe Terra Conspiracy


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all DE in Lab (Devouring Earth )
  2. Take residue to Dr. Sheridan
  3. Defeat foes at Fauna First
  4. Find Tanya's location
  5. Find Tanya Tyler
  6. Rescue Tanya Tyler
  7. Defeat all DE in Lab
  8. Protect safehouse
  9. Rescue Tanya Tyler
  10. Track down altered Tanya

Notable Foes

Stop the Devouring Earth from stealing the technology

Ginger Yates

I got a tip on a Devouring Earth plot to raid the Paragon Technological Institute. If we let them get their hands on the equipment in that lab, they could produce mutagens that are far more effective than their current stock. I need you to stop the Devourign Earth from stealing that technology, Red Tomax. We have enough trouble keeping the citizens human as it is!

See if you can find out exactly what the Devouring Earth are after. Knowing their plan is the first step toward thwarting it.

Part 1: Defeat all DE in Lab (4 techs to save, Learn Dev Earth's plan)
Laboratory @ Talos Island (Devouring Earth )

A massive fist has punched a hole in one of the walls, and a box of test tubes lies shattered on the floor.

Objective: You found the residue of some chemical substance.

ClueChemical residue

You collected this chemical residue from a machine in the lab you saved from the Devouring Earth. Upon analysis, it may yield a clue to the creatures' plans.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Devouring Earth and recovered a sample of the drug they produced.

Ginger Yates

I've heard of Fauna First; they're a radical environmentalist group that's been accused of more than one act of sabotage against polluting businesses. You say they were working with the Devouring Earth? The creatures have tried such a tactic before, but it's never long before they turn on their human co-conspirators. I suspect we haven't heard the last of this business, Red Tomax.

Take the residue to Dr. Steven Sheridan

Ginger Yates

The residue you discovered after the Devouring Earth attack on the Paragon Technical Institute indicates that they were working on something. Finding out what it was could give us a clue to their eventual plan. I'd like you to take this residue over to Dr. Steven Sheridan. Maybe he can tell us what the Devouring Earth were cooking up in that lab.

Dr. Sheridan may well be the smartest person I know. I don't doubt he'll have some good info for us.

Part 2: Take residue to Dr. Sheridan
Delivery @ Brickstown
Steven Sheridan

This sample is of a medicine that weakens the immune system. Doctors use similar medication when they're doing a major organ transplant; it keeps the body from rejecting the new organ. i'd guess the Devouring Earth plan to turn this substance into a virus, to weaken all of our immune systems so that we're more susceptible to their mutagens. They never stop trying to wipe us out, do they? I don't know is even the Rikti hate humanity this much!

Ginger Yates

We need to know more, and I think I know where to look: the ecological activist group, Fauna First. If they helped the Devouring Earth produce that chemical, they may well know the next phase of the plan. The organization has been deep undercover since they were accused of bombing an oil plant last year, but I'll see what I can ferret out.

Go to the Fauna First front company, make some arrests, and see if you can figure out what the Devouring Earth is up to

Ginger Yates

I think I've come up with a lead on Fauna FIrst, teh activist group that was working with the Devouring Earth. It turns out they have a front company located over in Founders' Falls, Oaktree Stationers. I want you to get over to the Fauna First front company, make some arrests, and see if you can figure out what the Devouring Earth is up to.

These people may be fanatics, but they're still Paragon citizens. Take care of them, Red Tomax.

Part 3: Defeat foes at Fauna First (5 activists to save)
Office @ Founders' Falls

A sharp wail is cut off in a grasp. It seems all is not well for Fauna First activists.

Mission Complete: You rescued the activists and learned that one of them, Tanya Tyler, was kidnapped by the Devouring Earth.

Ginger Yates

It's not so unusual for the Devouring Earth to turn against humans they've allied with, but it is strange for the Devouring Earth to target just one person for kidnapping. Normally, they'll take all of the people they can get. I wonder who this Tanya Tyler is?

Find out where the Devouring Earth have taken Tanya Tyler

Ginger Yates

It seems that the Devouring Earth was after Tanya Tyler specifically, but what I can't figure out is why they were working with Fauna First, or if there's a connection with all of this and that drug they made. One thing is certain though: We've got to find out where the Devouring Earth have taken Tanya Tyler. She may be the one who can answer a lot of these questions. I want you to hit the streets in Founders' Falls and look for clues on any Devouring Earth monsters you find.

Something big is going on here, Red Tomax, I know it.

Part 4: Find Tanya's location (Defeat 50 Devouring Earth)
Defeat x @ Founders' Falls

Mission Complete: On the last Devouring Earth creature you defeated, you found a map.

ClueMap of Eden

You found this map of Brickstown on one of the Devouring Earth creatures you defeated. A large X has been scrawled across one corner of the map, and the word 'Terra' is scribbled above it.

Part 5: Find Tanya Tyler
@ Brickstown

This cave stinks of mold and guano. You breathe shallowly as you edge deeper into the shadows.

Objective: You found a letter!

ClueLove letter

You found this letter while searching for the missing environmental activist, Tanya Tyler. It reads:

My darling Tanya,

I have thought often of you these many years. Your beauty, your determination, your everlasting devotion to our Mother Earth -- all these I remember, and they give me hope. One day I shall rise from this dank and musty den to which I have been consigned, but until then, dearest Tanya, you will be my vessel. My Terra. You will spread our message, and you will cover the Earth.

All my love,


At the bottom of the letter, a map has been hurriedly scrawled in dirt, along with the message, 'Please help me!'.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Devouring Earth and found a clue to Tanya Tyler's location.

Ginger Yates

What's this, then? A love letter! To tanya Tyler, from the 'Hamidon' the Devouring Earth are always talking about! How strange, and how disturbing. I think you had better go after this woman right away, Red Tomax. I'm beginning to have grave fears for her well-being.

Rescue Tanya Tyler from the Devouring Earth

Ginger Yates

Time to go to work, Red Tomax. I think I've pinned down where the Devouring Earth have Tanya. You've got to rescue Tanya Tyler from the Devouring Earth. Maybe she'll be able to shed some light on this most interesting missive from Hamidon.

I think Tanya's the lynchpin to the Devouring Earth's new plan. Find her, and we may find the information we're looking for.

Part 6: Rescue Tanya Tyler
Cavern @ Skyway City

A woman's voice pleads for freedom; the only answer is an unintelligible grunt.

Mission Complete: You rescued Tanya Tyler from the Devouring Earth.

ClueTanya Tyler's story

When you rescued her, Tanya Tyler told you:

'It's true, I did know Hamidon. back then, he was Hamidon Pasalima, the molecular biologist. he was so passionate! So concerned about the world! We fell in love.'

'But I haven't seen him in years, not since our first raid on Paragon Technological Institute. Yes, I was there. Hamidon used the facilities to create something he called 'The Will of the Earth'. A colony of sentient bacteria with the ability to warp living material on a molecular level. When the heroes came to stop us, I lost track of him. I guess I always assumed he had been killed.'

Ginger Yates

Well, Red Tomax, it looks like the Devouring Earth has a much more personal interest in Ms. Tyler than we realized. I'm having her taken to a lab; hopefully the doctors there can stop her transformation before it's too late.

Stop the Devouring Earth from stealing any more chemicals

Ginger Yates

The Devouring Earth is raiding another drug lab! I need you to sotp them from stealing any more chemicals. The Devouring Earth won't give up their plan easily; we may have rescued Tanya Tyler, but some other women might be kidnapped in her stead. We need to know what those creatures are up to, and we need to know now.

See if you can find out what they're after. The more we know, the better.

Part 7: Defeat all DE in Lab (3 technicians to save)
Laboratory @ Brickstown

The interior of this lab is climate-controlled; a blast of cold air hits you squarely on the back of the neck.

Mission Complete: You rescued the technicians and learned about the Devouring Earth's latest theft.

ClueThe Devouring Earth's theft

One of the technicians you rescued told you:

'They took all sorts of drugs: Repronex, Progesterol, Cencepta. All fertility drugs. What would those monsters want with fertility drugs?'

Ginger Yates

The fertility drugs, Hamidon's letter to Tanya. I think I'm beginning to put this together, Red Tomax. We know that Hamidon's tried to create a progenitor before, a being that can produce more Devouring Earth creatures. He's always been thwarted in that attempt, but what if he's found another way? I believe Hamidon intends to make Tanya into a Devouring Earth matriarch, a breeder for new monsters! Remember, he referred to her as Terra. We will have to guard that younf woman cery carefully.

Go to the safehouse and debrief Tanya

Ginger Yates

The last round of drug raids make me think that the Devouring Earth aresn't through with Tanya Tyler. I'd like you to go to the safehouse and debrief Tanya. Anything she can tell us about the Devouring Earth's plan could help us protect her.

If I'm right, this woman has been targeted for a very gruesome experiment. Watch your back, Red Tomax.

Part 8: Protect safehouse (4 guards to rescue)
@ Independence Port

From a block away, you could tell something was wrong. Where are the guards?

Mission Complete: You rescued the guards and learned that Tanya Tyler has been kidnapped again.

ClueThe guard's story

One of the guards you rescued told you:

'We tried to stop them, Red Tomax, but there were just too many. They took Tanya Tyler! You've got to help her!'

Ginger Yates

Time is of the essence, Red Tomax. You've got to get that woman back, and not just for her own safety. If we're right about what the Devouring Earth is planning for her, the whole world could be in danger!

Rescue Tanya Tyler

Ginger Yates

I think I've got a lead for you, Red Tomax. Some business men over in Founders' Falls said they saw a woman matching Tanya Tyler's description being dragged into a cave by a bunch of Devouring Earth creatures. I want you to get over there and rescue Tanya. I'm worried that the Devouring Earth's plot is close to bearing fruit. I only hope we can stop them before it's too late.

The sooner the better, Red Tomax. They may already have all the drugs they need to begin altering that woman!

Part 9: Rescue Tanya Tyler
Cavern @ Founders' Falls

You hear the sound of heartfelt, choking sobs.

Mission Complete: You rescued Tanya Tyler, but not before the Devouring Earth could perform an experiment on her.

ClueTanya Tyler's change

Tanya Tyler told you:

'I saw Hamidon! Oh, Red Tomax, he's a monster! He's not a man at all anymore! He told the creatures to inject me with this wierd medicine, and I fainted. When I woke up, I was green! Please, I don't want to be a monster! Help me!'

Ginger Yates

So we were right. Hamidon's trying to turn Tanya into some sort of Devouring Earth breeder. I'll get her over to a lab right away. maybe, just maybe, the docs will find a way to reverse the process.

Track Tanya down before she breeds more creatures like herself.

Ginger Yates

Bad news, Red Tomax. The doctors weren't able to help Tanya before the change took place. She turne dinto a monster right before their very eyes! I need you to track her down, Red Tomax, and defeat her before she breeds any more creatures like herself. Otherwise, the world may never be the same.

I heard that she's rampaging in a local neighborhood, Allegeheney Square. There's an emergency force field in place, but someone's got to go in there and contain Tanya. That someone had better be you.

Part 10: Track down altered Tanya
Instanced Outdoor @ Allegeheney Square

You hear a deep, furious roar, the sound of a beast in a towering rage.

TerraTerra [Arch-Villain]
Transformed by a Devouring Earth drug, this raging beast was once the woman Tanya Tyler. Now, capable of breeding Devouring Earth creatures, Terra is the monsters' greatest offensive weapon in their war against humanity.

Mission Complete: You defeated Terra, the Devouring Earth matriarch.

Ginger Yates

I know this feels like a failure, Red Tomax, but you have to remember, we stopped a ecological fiasco. Tanya will be taken to a laboratory; if there's any hope for her, I'm sure the doctors will find it. As for you, you can be glad you caught her in time! If Terra had bred more of her kind, we would never have gotten the Devouring Earth under control. They might eventually have accomplished their goal of ridding the world of humanity.

Souvenir: Hamidon's letter

You kept this letter. addressed from Hamidon to Tanya Tyler. It's a reminder of one of your greatest battles against the Devouring Earth.

The Terra Conspiracy

It all began when your contact sent you to a lab to bust up a raid by the Devouring Earth. After routing the creatures. you spoke to Dr. Steven Sheridan. who determined that the creatures had used the lab to manufacture drugs that hamper the body's ability to fight off infections.

Seeking more information. you went to a front company owned by Fauna First. the eco-terrorist group aiding the Devouring Earth. There you discovered that the creatures had turned on the activists and kidnapped one of their members. Tanya Tyler. Your first attempt to rescue Tanya yielded only a map. scrawled on a love letter written to the young woman from the Devouring Earth's leader. Hamidon.

Tanya's map led you to her new location. and you learned her story: Tanya knew Hamidon before he was the master of the Devouring Earth. She told you that the creatures were probably created by a sentient bacteria Hamidon developed. a bacteria he called the 'Will of the Earth.'

While your contact took Tanya to a safehouse. you went out to stop another Devouring Earth raid. You defeated the monsters. but not before they made off with several cases of fertility drugs. Your contact proposed a theory: the drug thefts. Tanya's kidnapping. Hamidon's strange attraction to her: all pointed to one conclusion. Hamidon intended to change Tanya into a Devouring Earth matriarch. a creature capable of breeding more Devouring Earth creatures.

While you were at the lab. Hamidon's monsters recaptured Tanya. You rescued her again. but not before the Devouring Earth infected her. You took her to a lab for treatment. but she transformed into a Devouring Earth monster and escaped. leaving you no choice but to track her down and defeat her.

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