Accomplishment BadgeRetrieve the shipment for Crash


Mission Index

  1. Talk to Crash Cage (Arachnos,Slag Golems)
  2. Retrieve the shipment
  3. Return shipment to Crash

Slag Reaper
The weird coral of Sharkhead Isle is said to have mystical properties.
More Info: City Information Terminal

See what Crash wants

Vince Dubrowski

A friend of mine is askign for help. Well, she's not a friend, exactly. In fact, she's sort of an enemy. Crash Cage, Kirk Cage's daughter. She won't have anything to do with her old man. I don't understand it, but, well, I still want to help her if I can. Can you go see what Crash wants?

Lately Crash has been involved with the Circle of Thorns. I don't approve, exactly, but if she's in trouble, I hope we can help her.

Part 1: Talk to Crash Cage
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle (Arachnos,Slag Golems)
Crash Cage

I'm glad you could come, Dr. Ledot. Vince is a good friend, even if he is a little too slow to see my dad's true colours. Anyway, I'm in abit of a bind. A shipment for one of my friends got delivered to the Crush instead. That's a problem. My friends know I've still got connections in Cage, namely, Vince. So, they say I have to make sure that shipment gets recovered. Or else. Can you help me out? Vince wouldn't want to see anything happen to me; he'll pay you well.

Oh, there's one more little thing. Arachnos is interested in the shipment, too. You may have to fight a few of their operatives.

Part 2: Retrieve the shipment (4 crates to retrieve)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle

It seems Arachnos is indeed interested in the shipment. And perhaps someone else as well.

Objective: You have recovered some of the goods.

Mission Complete: You recovered the entire shipment!

Slag Reaper
Awarded for completing the mission
Part 3: Return shipment to Crash
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Crash Cage

Thanks, Dread Tomax. The people I associate with -- well, they don't like failure. Returning this shipmkent to them will keep me in one piece.

What's inside it? Well, that's not really something I can divulge. I'll tell you this, though: I'd like to know how my dad got ahold of it in the first place.

Vince Dubrowski

So, Crash is all right? Whew. That's a load off my mind, Dread Tomax. Crash is ... well, she's special. I think so, anyway. I never said anything; she's the boss' daughter, and disloyal desides. But I'm glad she'll be ok.

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