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  1. Cull Freakshow (Freakshow)

Cull Freakshow

Operative Kirkland

The Cage Consortium has been having problems with the Freakshow disrupting operations. Kirk Cage as head of the Cage Consortium and governor of Sharkhead Isle has passed his complains on to Marshall Gerald, who in typical trickle-down fashion has passed this problem on to me to handle. So I'm authorized to place a bounty on the Freakshow. I hereby deputize you as an Arachnos representative to cull the Freakshow on Sharkhead Isle.

We can't let this riff-raff run roughshod, right?

Part 1: Cull Freakshow (Defeat 20 Freakshow)
Defeat X @ Sharkhead Isle (Freakshow)

Mission Complete: You took down the Freakshow a notch!

Operative Kirkland

Those Freakshow should settle down a bit for now. I'm sure we will have to cull them again later. A field agent's work is never done.


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