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  1. Capture Council base leader - 1:30:00 (Council)

Capture Council base leader

Operative Kirkland

I'm sure you're aware that the Council has dug in here on Sharkhead Isle. Arachnos has been tolerating their presence in the hope they might prove useful. We've recently received word that the Council wishes to offer their services to Lord Recluse in hopes of gaining a position of power. They claim to be ready for any trial that Lord Recluse wishes to put before them.

Arachnos would like to put the Council claims to the test, and you will be the taskmaster. Go to the Council fortress on Sharkhead and capture their base leader.

You have 90 minutes to complete this task.

The Council will be expecting something like this, so be prepared for heavy resistance.

Part 1: Capture Council base leader - 1:30:00
Council Base @ Sharkhead Isle (Council)

You head the sound of approaching boots on hard floors. The Council are aware of your arrival.

Mission Complete: You captured the Council base leader!

Operative Kirkland

Excellent work, Dread Tomax! It would appear that the Council is not as prepared as they thought.


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