OtherThe Book, the Circle & the Warriors


Mission Index

  1. Get book from Legacy (Legacy Chain)
  2. Beat all Circle & Warriors at Deal (Circle of Thorns,Warriors)

Steal a book from the Legacy Chain

Diviner Maros

I need your assistance to precipitate the horrible downfall of several power-hungry young men, and begin a chain of events that could place the fate of the world in question. Like so many of these things, it will begin with a theft of knowledge and end in destruction and an apparent betrayal, all orchestrated by your actions to implement this purpose. But to make this happen, I need you to get events started by stealing a certain tome from the Legacy Chain and then planting it at a deal between the Warriors and my own people that you will crash.

As I mentioned, the theft of this book will only be the first part. Once that's done, I'll need you to plant the book. The Warriors are currently trying to make a deal with my own people, the Circle of Thorns. After you silence all the witnesses to make it look as if the deal went astray, you'll place the book where the Warriors are sure to find it when their reinforcements arrive to investigate.

But first, the Legacy Chain. Get the book and cripple their ability to respond by taking out the man called Abernathy.

Part 1: Get book from Legacy (Find Magic Tome, Defeat Abernathy)
Office @ Sharkhead Isle (Legacy Chain)

Maros didn't just tell you where to go, he was able to describe this place in detail. That's really kind of scary, now that you think about it.

Objective: You have defeated Abernathy

ClueBook of Ancient Magic

This handwritten book contains descriptions, chants, and eldritch formulae for a number of dark magic rituals. It has no listed author, but is dated 1592. An aura of malevolence clings to each page.

Objective: You found the book of magic Maros told you about.

Mission Complete: You got the book. Now, to place it.

Part 2: Beat all Circle & Warriors at Deal (Place book in crate)
Warehouse @ Sharkhead Isle (Circle of Thorns,Warriors)

Now that you have the book, all you need to do is make sure the Warriors find it

Objective: You placed the book where the Warriors will find it.

Mission Complete: You placed the book and eliminated the witnesses.

Diviner Maros

The Warriors will unleash a creature from the darkest abyss when they attempt the rituals in that tome. It should prove interesting. More importantly, it will keep my fellows within the Circle distracted so that they will not be able to move against me.


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