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  1. Steal Theron's devices (Longbow)

Steal Theron's devices

Diviner Maros

There is one in Paragon City who believes his destiny is clear. He could well be correct, if we do not move to intervene. The man's name is Dr. Theron. He is a brilliant man, a man of science. We must turn science against him, forcing him to move closer to nature. Currently, some of Theron's more remarkable devices are in the hands of Longbow. As long as they control these weapons, they will use them for the cause of good. We must turn the devices to evil to set Theron on his true path.

A submarine does not know why it waits for you now in Port Oakes. They will completely forget even the location of the undersea Longbow base they will take you to.

Alas, poor Theron. Even now, Dr. Theron is a confused soul, who believes that by devising ultimate weapons, he can undo the grievous harms of the world and make war unthinkable. In this, he is a fool, and not the first of that kind. The loss to come, and the horrors his creations will yield, shall shatter him utterly.

Part 1: Steal Theron's devices (3 items to steal)
Longbow Underwater Base @ Port Oakes (Longbow)

The sub's crew act like they don't even know you're there. They moved like puppets, but they did bring you to this hidden undersea base

Objective: You've recovered some explosives.

ClueTheron's Explosives

Your seasoned eye can tell that these explosives would pack quite a punch.

Objective: You recovered some armour.

ClueTheron's Armour

This stolen armor looks like it could stop even the most advanced weaponry.

Objective: You recovered some weapons.

ClueTheron's Weapons

These weapons you stole from a Longbow base were clearly designed by a brillant mind.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the equipment designed by Dr. Theron.

Diviner Maros

Well done, Dread Tomax. No, I am afraid you cannot keep the items, for it did not happen, and therefore it will not. I will get them to the Sky Raiders. In a short time they will use these devices to bring ruin to a small city in West Libertalia. The loss of life will be truly staggering. Theron, I am afraid, will never recover. He will turn away from the world of technology forever, and become a thing quite unlike himself. We have done well, Dread Tomax. And so we shall again.


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