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Mission Index

  1. Speak with Tarixus
  2. Defeat Circle in cavern

Speak with Tarixus

Diviner Maros

It seems so strange to me now, but I understand the perceived need that everything must have a beginning. So here and now will be the start of this, though this has all happened for a very long time.

Upon this island is a wrathful spirit called Tarixus. Perhaps you've worked with him already, perhaps not. Speak with this Tarixus, present him with the letter I gave you, and tell him that you and I are working together. Ask him for a task, and he will ask you to battle my own kind. Do so, and you can learn much.

Tarixus knows me. Once all is clear, he won't have interfered.

The letter I gave you for Tarixus, let me give it to you now. Now, go to Tarixus. Do the task he asks of you. If you want to understand, pay attention. All of the rest will happen when it does.

Part 1: Speak with Tarixus
Delivery @ Sharkhead Isle
Archmage Tarixus

And what do you bring to Tarixus, Dread Tomax? A letter? From a member of the Circle of Thorns. My arcane senses detect no threat. Hold it for me, that I may see it.

Maros! I know that name. So, you are working with him. That should prove most interesting. No doubt he sends you to me to ensure that I will not act against him. Then, you may return this answer.

I will agree not to interfere with Maros's plans, as long as he does a task for me. Several of his fellows from the Circle of Thorns have gathered in an old mine nearby. No doubt they plan against me. I would see them removed. No, destroyed. Tell that to Maros, tell him that is the price to keep our affairs separate.

Part 2: Defeat Circle in cavern
Caverns @ Sharkhead Isle

The depths of this abandoned mausoleum echo with sounds of scrapping metal and cruel laughter.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the Circle in the caverns.

ClueOhmtown's mission

After you rescued the Freakshow Juicer called Ohmtown from the Circle of Thorns, he told you:

'Wassup. I'm Ohmtown, Freak Juicer representin' Talos Island out in Paragon. My main man Drek, he sent me out here to find out what's going down here in Sharkhead. Bunch of our boys is gettin all kinda crazy ideas. Talking 'bout cults and corals and golems and stuff. I just got off the boat, an' was on my way to talk to this Doc Buzzsaw chick, when these Circle psychos jumped me. Started askin' what I knew, which was nothin. 'Least, nothin' yet.'

Diviner Maros

And it begins. For you, this may seem like a starting point, but there is so much that has gone on before. So much that has happened, that could have happened. It all narrows now, as it draws to its point. So small a thing, a beginning. But there is much that will begin before the end. So much still to begin.


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