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Mission Index

  1. Defeat 20 Slag Golems

Harvest coral

Captain Petrovich

Have ya heard o' the Slag Golems that crawl around the Pits on Sharkhead? They're loathsome ill-tempered beasties made of slag and soot and other bits. It's said that they got hearts o' coral tho', and there's various people about the Rogue Isles that are interested in paying for this coral. Harvest coral shards from the Slag Golems and return to me.

The Pit is treacherous, but then again, so are you! Har, har!

Part 1: Defeat 20 Slag Golems
Defeat X @ Sharkhead Isle

Mission Complete: Missing

Captain Petrovich

Arrr, this coral should fetch a pretty penny. Fine work, Dread Tomax, fine work!


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