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Find family heirloom

Captain Petrovich

Are ya squeamish about the dead there, Dread Tomax? Har, har...

I found out one of the miners who is buried in Potter's Field a while back took something with him that was very valuable, a family heirloom worth a small fortune! I sent some of me boys there to tunnel underneath and find it, but they were scared off by the supernatural nastyness of the place. I need someone who ain't afraid of no ghost! Head over to Potter's Field and find the hidden booty amongst the graves.

You should be able to find the most recent graves - they're the ones with the freshest dirt!

Part 1: Find the heirloom
@ Sharkhead Isle


Mission Complete: Missing


This is a valuable family heirloom taken from one of the graves in Potters Field.

Captain Petrovich

Arrr, yes, there's the heirloom! This should fetch us a pretty penny' Har, har! Nice work, Dread Tomax! Perhaps we have a future in graverobbin'!


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