Minor Story ArcAny Body Will Do


Mission Index

  1. Seek clues to disappearance (Circle of Thorns,Scrapyarders)
  2. Kidnap problem Scrapyarders
  3. Negotiate with Circle

Find out what's happening to the surveyors

Vince Dubrowski

We got us a situation out in Potter's Field, Dread Tomax. An expensive situation. The Consortium's ben trying to get the area surveyed for bauxite deposits for the last few months, but every time we send a surveyor in, the guy disappears! No one knows where they're going or who's responsible, but I want you to crack some heads until you fin dout. That sound like something you can handle?

The last serveyor disappeared near a cave structure close to the graveyard, you should start there.

Part 1: Seek clues to disappearance (Rescue the surveyor)
Cavern @ Sharkhead Isle (Circle of Thorns,Scrapyarders)

If a surveyor wandered into these dank caverns alone, he probably deserved to be abducted.

Objective: You rescued the surveyor.

ClueThe surveyor's story

When you rescued Phil Kearne, he told you:

'Those mages are crazy! They dragged me down here and started performing some sort of wierd spell. I'm not sure what would have happened if you hadn't shown. I'm so relieved I can go home now. I can, can't I?'

Mission Complete: Missing

Vince Dubrowski

So, our surveyors have been falling into the hands of the Circle. Hmm. We're going to have to stop this, Dread Tomax. I gotta let Kirk Cage know I can handle things like this!

Kidnap a few Scrapyarders

Vince Dubrowski

Ok, ok, I can figure this out. The Circle wants people for their ceremonies. Check. We keep sending people into Potter's Field to survey. Check. The Circle kidnaps our guys. That's the bad part. Now, this is hard: how do I keep the surveyors alive without getting into a war with the Circle? Gotta think. Gotta be real smart now.

What is we give the Circle someone else for their ceremonies? Some Scrapyarders, say? Then they'd be happy, Cage'd be happy, the surveyors would be alive, and the Scrapyarders... well, they woulnd't be causing trouble anymore. Can you kidnap a few Scrapyarders for me, Dread Tomax?

Kirk Cage'd be proud to see us working together, Dread Tomax. We sure make a good team.

Part 2: Kidnap problem Scrapyarders (4 leaders to kidnap)
Sewers @ Sharkhead Isle

The Scrapyarders in this area have been forced from all decent places by the Cage Consortium. Now, the pathetic lowlifes have to scrounge out a living in the sewers.

Objective: You have kidnapped Hard Luck Pete, one of the Scrapyarders' most inspirational leaders.

Objective: You have kidnapped Concrete Fred, one of the Scrapyarders' most devout followers.

Objective: You have kidnapped Johnny Slate, the Scrapyarders' bets organiser.

Objective: You have kidnapped Jackhammer Joe, one of the Scrapyarders' most passionate speakers.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped four of the Scrapyarders' most influential leaders.

Vince Dubrowski

Whoo, Dread Tomax! You make me so proud! With the Scrapyarders in pur custody, we're calling all the shots. I say we give them over to the Circle to buy our surveyors a free ride through Potter's Field. You got any problems with that?

Talk to Circle

Vince Dubrowski

Okay, Dread Tomax, I need you to go to the Circle. Tell them we've got four Scrapyarders, no waiting. Maybe if we provide them with an alternate source, they won't be so eager to kidnap our surveyors for their ceremonies.

What we're doing here, Dread Tomax, is using one stone to get two birds. That's whay Cage pays me the big bucks.

Part 3: Negotiate with Circle (3 Circle mages to rescue)
Cavern @ Sharkhead Isle

The Scrapyarders are a determined bunch. They're already here!

Mission Complete: You rescued the mages from the Scrapyarders, convincing them to follow Vince's plan.

Vince Dubrowski

So, the Scrapyarders figured out what we were after and beat you to the punch, eh? Looks like all they did was stir up a big nest of trouble for themselves. After you helped them in that battle, it won't be hard at all to convince the Cirlce to lay off Cage's surveyors in favour of the Scrapyarders. I'll have those Scrapyarder leaders you kidnapped driven out to Potter's Field pronto; I'm sure the Circle will be happy to have them. Good work, Dread Tomax. Cage wins again, and that makes everybody happy.

Souvenir: Rivet

You pocketed this rivet after taking own several Scrapyarder leaders, who went on to become the special guests of the Circle in an adventure you like to call

Any Body Will Do

It started with a thorn in Vince Dubrowski's side: Cage Consorium's surveyors kept getting kidnapped. Vince sent you to investigate in Potter's Field, where you learned that the Circle of Thorns was to blame for the missing surveyors. They had been capturing the men for use in their ceremonies.

Vince had to stop the surveyor shrinkage, but he wanted to do it without incurring the Circle's wrath. So he proposed an alternate source of ceremony fodder: the Scrapyarders. you entered a Scrapyarder stronghold and defeated four og their most influential leaders. this, Vince reasoned, would get the Circle's attention.

With the Scrapyarder leaders under lock and key, Vince sent you to broker the deal with the Circle. When you entered their base, you found that the Scrapyarders had anticipated you! You assisted the Circle mages in fighting off their invaders, and won thei approval of your plan.

Now the Circle gives Cage's surveyors leave to wander through Potter's Field, as long as a steady supply of Scrapyarders keeps coming from Vince Dubrowski. As for you, you've earned the respect of a few Circle mystics. Maybe that'll be enough to buy you alittle protection when the time is right. Or maybe not.


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