Accomplishment BadgeTake Down the Arachnos base in Paragon City


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Arachnos personel (Arachnos)

Paragon of Vice
You showed Arachnos how tough you were in Paragon City.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Defeat all Arachnos personnel

Willie Wheeler

My source has been having Arachnos probkems, and he wants a hurt put on 'em to show he means business. He found an Arachnos base in Paragon City. Go into the Arachnos base and take down everyone.

There's a ship at the docks in the Devil's Coat Tails here on Cap au Diable which is heading to Paragon City soon. Once you get to the mainland, head over to the building housing the hidden Arachnos base and lay waste!

Part 1: Defeat all Arachnos personel
Warehouse (Arachnos)

This Arachnos Base is well-hidden in Paragon City's warehouse district.

Objective: You found some notes amidst the wreckage.

ClueHitech Surveilance Device

It looks like this surveillance device was used by Arachnos for spying on hero activity within Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Arachnos base!

Paragon of Vice
Awarded for completing the mission
Willie Wheeler

Nice work, Dread Tomax! We better keep this quiet tho' - we don't want Arachnos huntin' us down for this.

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