OtherTyphoid Willy: The Infectious Lost


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Typhoid Willy & friends

Defeat Typhoid Willy & friends

Dr. Shelly Percey

My sources have brought me news of a fascinating development. As I'm sure you know, the Lost spread by encouraging new recruits to take some sort of drug, commonly referred to as 'Shift.' It alters their physical and mental structure, and gives them their strangepowrs. Recently, however, it seems they've taken their movement to the next level. Rumors of a single infectious Lost have been spreading throughout Cap au Diable. A Lost Typhoid Mary, if you please. I'd like you to capture this infectious Lost. I want to study him.

This individual my well open up whole new arenas in the world of super-powered physiology.

Part 1: Defeat Typhoid Willy & friends

You hear a voice cry, 'And the change will wash over the world!'

Mission Complete: You captured Typhoid Willy, the infectious Lost.

Dr. Shelly Percey

Typhoid Willy's tucked away in my lab. He will not stop blathering on about his destiny. Oh, he's got a destiny all right: to teach me everything I want to know about the Lost's strange mutations. I can hardly wait to get started.


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