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Mission Index

  1. Find the Nictus (Council)
  2. Have Nictus Extracted - 1:30:00

Steal a Nictus from the Council

Dr. Shelly Percey

Greetings, Dread Tomax. Ive been given a most exciting opportunity, and I'd very much appreciate your assistance. Oh, don't worry, you'll be well paid. Here's the plan. The Council has recently transported a single Nictus to a small base they maintain here on Cap au Diable. Dr. Aeon and I are both highly interested in the cargo in question and, though we have a somewhat adversarial relationship, we've agreed to work together for the time being. I'll provide the muscle, and enlist a friend of mine to extract the Nictus from its host. He'll finance the deal and make sure the Council never finds out who's responsible. It's a win-win-win-win deal, Dread Tomax. If you're willing to steal a Nictus from the Council.

The Nictus will most likely be carried in the body of a chosen soldier. Once you've kidnapped him, you'll have 90 minutes to get him to a friend of mine, who will extract the creature. Any longer, and we risk the creature taking over the host's body and becoming inseperable from it.

I'm sure you've heard of my interest in all things super-powered. You might say learning is my only passion.

Part 1: Find the Nictus
Council base @ Cap au Diable (Council)

The Council's small incursions into the Rogue Isles have been tolerated so far, but you've heard that Lord Recluse himself has his eye on their activities.

Objective: You feel an overwhelming surge of power. The Nictus has entered your body!

Mission Complete: You have recovered the Nictus, in a most unexpected way.

Part 2: Have Nictus Extracted - 1:30:00
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

Mission Complete: The Nictus has been extracted from your body!

Dr. Shelly Percey

So, the Nictus entered you, Dread Tomax? Interesting. It will be a most fascinating subject of study. How I long to absorb myself in quiet research for a time. Thank you, Dread Tomax. I can see that you, like myself, are capable of almost anything.


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