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Mission Index

  1. Take out Wyvern Financier (Wyvern)

Call into the station to find the location of the Wyvern financier

The Radio

It takes you a minute of switching stations, but soon enough you hear the sound of Radio Free Opportunity:

'We are the sound of the end times! We are the DJ at the party at ground zero! With the best info for the worst of you, it's Radio'


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity! Now, it seems that we've been losing a lot of listeners lately, and it aint' been to that easy listening station. Ah, no, my honourless thieves, we've been seeing loyal listeners sent back to the Big Zig in Paragon through the efforts of a mysterious group of vigilantes who call themselves Wyvern. Now, you're probably thinking: 'But Radio Free Opportunity, this doesn't matter to me becuase I'm not a loser.'

Well we know you're not a loser, you're coll like Dread Tomax because you're listening to us right now, aren't you? So here's the deal: Those Wyvern types are meeting this very day with one of their secret finanicers. That's a chance to hurt themand line your pockets at the same time. A real two for one. But we gotta give everyone a chance, so if you want to know where they're going to be meeting, be caller 13! It could be you!'

The phone picks up immediately, an dyou hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity on the other end:

'Congratulations, Dread Tomax! You're our 13th caller. Who ever would have guessed? You'll be after the financier and whoever he's meeeting with. They should have what you're looking for on them. Now take down this address, and remember to tune in to Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity!'

You get the address just as the announcer hangs up.

Part 1: Take out Wyvern Financier (Defeat Financier)
Office @ Port Oakes (Wyvern)

According to the tip from Radio Free Opportunity, this should be the place.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Financier and stole the money from the Wyvern group.

The Radio

As you're counting the money you stole and thinking of all the influence it will get you, you hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity break in to whatever the radio was tuned to before:

'It's Radio


RADIOOOOO! Free Opportunity, where evil always wins, even when good plays it smart. The big news today is Dread Tomax's daring theft from Wyvern. With their operating budget stolen, no one knows what they're going to do. Now I wonder where Dread Tomax found out about that little job? Oh, yeah! I remember! It was right here on Radio Free Opportunity!'


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