PvP Zone MissionKidnap the communications officer


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all agents in base - 1:00:00 (Longbow)

Kidnap the communications officer

Warzone Operative Massey

All right, Dread Tomax, listen up. Longbow's bringing in a new comm officer, and Arachnos wants him taken out. That means I need you to get to the Longbow bae nd kidnap him, before one of the red-and-white suited buddies manages to extract him. You've got one hour.

The officer's name is Warren Longbright. I need him in custody, and quickly.

Part 1: Defeat all agents in base - 1:00:00
Longbow base @ Siren's Call (Longbow)

Agent Longbright had to know he'd be a target as soon as he hit Siren's Call. Of course, he might not be prepared for a hunter like you.

Mission Complete: You have kidnapped Agent Longbright, the new Longbow communications officer!

Warzone Operative Massey

Agent Longbright isn't talking yet, but he will. Good work. You've helped Arachnos' side tremendously in the war for Siren's Call.


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