PvP Zone MissionTake out the Longbow supply depot


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all agents in depot (Longbow)

Take out the Longbow supply depot

Warzone Operative Massey

Longbow is doing their best to push Arachnos out of Siren's Call, and I hate to admit it, but they're not doing a bad job. We have to attack them from every angle. Longbow has a warehouse in the area where they're storing a bunch of their supplies. If you could take out that supply depot, it would help us a lot. Do it quickly though, before they can sound the alert. You only have an hour.

Take out everyone inside that supply depot. That'll shut it down for good.

Part 1: Defeat all agents in depot
Abandoned office @ Siren's Call (Longbow)

This is going to be a good fght.

Mission Complete: You wiped out the supply depot.

Warzone Operative Massey

Longbow will be a long time rebuilding that supply depot. Not to mention replacing their personnel. Good work, Dread Tomax.


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