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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Mass Def and his men (Crey)
  2. Arrest Saiba and his cronies
  3. Seek clues at Freaks' meeting
  4. Talk to Ken Kellerman
  5. Rescue Tracy Templeton
  6. Defeat security chief, his men
  7. Rescue Ken and Kimberly
  8. Stop Giacomo, his assistants

Stop the Freakshow raid

Philipa Meraux

A bunch of Freakshow are running riot in a Crey-owned accounting office. I guess Crey's own security forces must be spread pretty thin, because they haven't been able to respond. Those Freaks will rip that place apart unless someone stops them. DO you think you can stop that Freakshow riad?

The raid leader is a metal Freak named Mass Def. I'd like you to take him out if you can.

Part 1: Defeat Mass Def and his men (3 hostages to save, Defuse the last bomb!)
Office @ Kings Row (Crey)

Panicked people, broken bottles, and crude laughter all point to the presence of the Freakshow.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Freakshow, defused the bombs, and saved all of the hostages.

ClueLooking for Kimberly

After you rescued her from the Freakshow, Kimberly Kellerman told you: 'Thank you so much, Red Tomax. It's so strange, but I think that those Freaks were looking for me. I was so scared until you came. I have to call my husband and tell him I'm okay.

Philipa Meraux

You make saving the day look easy, Red Tomax. but what I can't figure out is why the Freaks were there in the first place. From the sound of things, they specifically targeted Mrs. Kellerman. In fact, it sounds like they were hired to go after her! I'm going to see if I can find out a bit more about what they were up to.

Get some answers from Saiba the Damaga

Philipa Meraux

I did some checking after the Freakshow hit that Crey office. I still don't know why they were deliberately targeting Mrs. Kellerman, but I did find out that Mass Def, the leader of that raid, often works for a tank Freak called 'Saiba the Damaga'. If the Freakshow had any motivation to attack Crey accountants, then Saiba should know about it. I need you to get some answers from Saiba the Damaga. Just don't exepct it to be easy.

Saiba is sure to be well protected, so be careful, Red Tomax.

Part 2: Arrest Saiba and his cronies
Abandoned office @ Kings Row

The vivid Freakshow graffiti only underscores the drabness of the peeling wallpaper.

Philipa Meraux

According to Saiba, the Freaks were paid to get Mrs. Kellerman. I wonder who would want a young newlywed accountant dead? Or, more to the point, who'd want her dead body badly enough to sic the Freakshow on her entire office? Saiba mentioned that he was supposed to be paid the rest of the money shortly. I'll see if I can find out where that meeting is supposed to take place.

See if you can find out why the Freaks were hired to kill Mrs. Kellerman

Philipa Meraux

According to Saiba the Damaga, the Freaks are supposed to be paid today by the person who hired them to kill Mrs. Kellerman. I don't know if that person will show; after all, you saved Mrs. Kellerman, so the Freakshow didn't exactly fulfill their end of the bargain. But you should probably show up at the meeting anyway. See if you can find out why the Freaks were hired to kill Mrs. Kellerman.

I don't know what you're going to be up against in there, so be careful.

Part 3: Seek clues at Freaks' meeting (Seek clues)
Abandoned warehouse @ Independence Port

This old warehouse once held medical supplies for the war. Now it's just an empty building.

Objective: You found a crumpled note.

ClueCrumpled note

You found this note while battling Crey operatives. Written on Crey stationary, it reads:

'Remember, Winslowe, I don't want any of these Freaks to survive. We cannot trust them to stay quiet for long.'

'Once this messy business is over and kellerman's wife is no longer subverting his indoctrination, I think we can guarantee that your handling of this incident will be well reviewed.'

'Dr. Giacomo'

Mission Complete: You found a clue that indicates Crey may have hired the Freakshow.

Philipa Meraux

According to Crey, they were investigating the Freakshow attack and mistook you for a villain. They issued a public apology, and they're sayign they won't press any assault charges against you for the battle. I know that you weren't the one looking for a fight, but Crey has an army of lawyers ready to swoop down. Trust me, Red Tomax, that's one fight you can't win.

But maybe we have another way to strike at Crey. This note you found sure makes it look like someone at Crey hired the Freakshow to kill Mrs. Kellerman. They mention something about disrupting Mr. Kellerman's indoctrination. I'm not sure what it means, but I'll look into it.

Find Mrs. Kellerman

Philipa Meraux

I just spoke with Kimberly Kellerman's sister, Tracy Templeton. She says that kimblerly went to see her husband Ken at work, and now he's disappeared. Considering the Freaks' recent attempt on Mrs. Kellerman's life, as well as Crey's probable involvement, I'm pretty concerned. Will you go find Mrs. Kellerman?

Mr. Kellerman works as a research scientist at a Crey lab in Steel Canyon. I'd question him first, if I were you.

Part 4: Talk to Ken Kellerman
Laboratory @ Steel Canyon

Much of this lab equipment has been hurriedly packed into cardboard boxes. The boxes are marked with an address in Kings Row.

Mission Complete: You heard a strange story from Ken Kellerman.

ClueKen Kellerman's confusion

Ken Kellerman told you:

'I'm not entirely sure what's going on. When you arrived, those guards grabbed me and told me to stay here or else. It was odd. But then, it's been an odd day.'

'You say you're looking for someone named Kimberly? I met a Kimberly today. She said she knew me, and she seemed familiar. But I just couldn't place her. A shame, because she sure was pretty. And sweet. A couple of security guards came and took her away. If I see her again, I'll try to contact you. Well, after I get her number myself. A woman like that you don't easily forget.'

Philipa Meraux

Ken Kellerman didn't even remember his wife? Either Kimberly Kellerman and her sister are completely bonkers, or something has happened to disrupt Ken's memory. Time for me to do some more digging.

Crey sent you a public thank you, by the way. According to them, the Crey operatives you fought had gone rogue; they were raiding the lab to sell its contents on the black market. It's more than a little suspicious, but there's not much anyone can do to disprove it. For now.

Rescue Tracey Templeton

Philipa Meraux

I just got a call from Tracy Templeton, Kimberly Kellerman's sister. She's scared. Really scared. But before she could tell me why, she said she saw several white vans pull up outside her house. Then her phone went dead. I don't think those vans were from her phone company. Tracy's in bad trouble, I'm afraid. Will you rescue her, Red Tomax?

Tracy got one last call out on her cell phone. I had Paragon Wireless trace the call; apparently it originated in a cave complex.

Part 5: Rescue Tracy Templeton
Cavern @ The Hollows

The cave walls are moist, and your breath is visible in the chilly air.

Mission Complete: You have rescued Tracy Templeton.

ClueTracy Templeton's story

When you rescued Tracy Templeton, she told you:

'Oh, Red Tomax, it's awful! Those security forces told me they were going to make sure no one ever came looking for me. They were going to make sure no one even knew I existed! They said they'd erase my bank accounts, my dental records, everything! My sister's, too! I've never felt so helpless or scared.'

Philipa Meraux

The police will be keeping Tracy Templeton in protective custody for now, but I'm afraid she'll have a hard time getting back to her normal life. I checked her story, and it's all true! Her birth certificate doens't exist in any database. She has no credit history, no property lease, no nothing! The same thing happened to all public records of Tracy's sister, Kimberly Kellerman. It's like someone has tried to erase them from the face of the planet! If we don't find Kimberly soon, I'm afraid we never will!

Crey has again thanked you for rooting out corruption within their company. Their story is starting to sound pretty thin to me, though.

Extract Ken Kellerman

Philipa Meraux

I just got a call from Ken Kellerman. He says that he remembers everything. I'm glad to hear his memory's back, but I'm afraid it may have caused him some trouble. Apparently he started asking the wrong people what happened to his wife, and now he thinks that Crey security is after him. He's hiding in an old office building, trying to avoid what he called the 'Mind Sweepers'. Can you extract him?

Curiouser and curiouser. Red Tomax, I hope you can discover something that will help us get to the bottom of this.

Part 6: Defeat security chief, his men (Seek clues)
Abandoned office @ Perez Park

It looks like Ken had to break a window to get inside this old building. You hope Crey security hasn't noticed that little clue.

Objective: You found a hastily scrawled note on the whiteboard.

ClueMap on a whiteboard

You found this hastily scrawled map in the abandoned building where Ken Kellerman was hiding from Crey's security forces. It shows a location in Kings Row. Off to the side, two stick figures stand behind a wall of iron bars. The map is signed with the letters, 'K.K.'

Mission Complete: You defeated the security team and found a clue to the Kellermans' location.

Philipa Meraux

It looks like these Mind Sweepers already captured Ken kellerman, but at least he was able to leave us a map. We'll have to get right on this, Red Tomax. If we're lucky, you can get there in time to save both Kellerman and his wife.

Rescue the Kellermans before Giacomo alters their minds

Philipa Meraux

Kellerman may have been captured by Crey security, but at least he was resourceful enough to leave us a map. It leads to a Crey research facility controlled by a Dr. Amadeo Giacomo, a specialist in the electro-chemical functions of the brain. Red Tomax, you remember Kellerman's erratic memory, don't you? How he couldn't even seem to remember his wife? Well, I think this Dr. Giacomo has developed some way of disrupting or erasing memories. You've got to rescue the Kellermans before Giacomo alters their minds!

Be ready for some stiff resistance on this one, Red Tomax. I don't think I'd go into that facility alone.

Part 7: Rescue Ken and Kimberly
Laboratory @ Kings Row

This lab is filled with strange devices.

Mission Complete: You have rescued both Ken and Kimberly Kellerman.

Philipa Meraux

I wonder how many of Crey's employees have undergone mind control or memory erasure, like poor Ken Kellerman. At least he's reunited with his wife now, and safe in protective custody. They send along their thanks. Ken's ready to come forward with everything he can about this Crey mind control process. As soon as I've heard his statement, I'll get back to you.

Take out the Crey Mind Control Center

Philipa Meraux

The Kellermans have been through a lot at Crey's hands, Red Tomax: kidnapping, manipulation, attempted murder. Ken Kellerman's memory was even temporarily altered, for crying out loud! Nevertheless, he's willing to come forward with everything he knows about Crey's mind control techniques. He even told us where we can find the Crey Mind Control Center. It's time to take it out. Are you ready?

Good. The Mind Control Center is in Talos Island, under the direction of a Dr. Giacomo. I want that man behind bars, Red Tomax. I know you can get the job done.

Part 8: Stop Giacomo, his assistants (2 devices to find, Find programs!)
Laboratory @ Talos Island

The lab's defenses aren't enough to even slow your stride. After all, this is a battle for the sanctity of human hearts and minds.

Objective: You have downloaded, then erased all copies of, Crey's mind control programs.

ClueMemory alteration programs

You downloaded these programs from the Crey memory alteration mainframe. According to the instructions, these programs can overwrite true memories with false ones.

Mission Complete: You have recovered the mind control technology and captured Dr. Amadeo Giacomo.

Philipa Meraux

The police have tried to question Dr. Giacomo about Crey's mind control process, but it looks like he had some kind of mental failsafe in place. Most of his memory is gone. The Kellermans are safe again, thanks to you. And Countess Crey sent along her thanks for cleaning up corruption in her company. She even offered to pay for a private detective to restore all the records Crey security erased. Now the Kellermans and Tracy Templeton can get back to their normal lives.

Ever notice how all the bad things Crey does never get back to the countess herself? There's no evidence that she had any relationship with Dr. Giacomo, and he certainly can't tell us differently. I'm starting to wonder if Crey Industries is completely out of the countess' control, or completely under it.

Souvenir: Crey data disc

It seemed strange when the Freakshow struck a Crey office and Crey security had no response. But it was even stranger when you learned that the Freaks were after a simple accountant. Kimberly Kellerman.

Seeking information. you took the fight to the Freakshow. You defeated Saiba the Damaga and learned that the Freaks had been hired to kill Mrs. Kellerman.

The Freaks still hadn't been paid in full. so they had a meeting with their employer. You crashed this meeting. and found yourself in battle against Crey's security forces. They claimed they were also investigating the Freaks' attack. but you found a note that indicated otherwise.

You were then contacted by Tracy Templeton. Kimberly's sister. She told you that Mrs. Kellerman had gone missing shortly after going to visit her husband at the Crey lab where he worked. When you went to speak with him. you learned that he couldn't remember his wife. You described Kimberly. and he told you that such a woman had been taken away by Crey security.

Before you could continue the search for Kimberly. her sister Tracy was kidnapped. You rescued her just before Crey security disposed of her as a complication.

While you rescued Tracy. Ken Kellerman recovered his memory. Fearing Crey security. he went into hiding and contacted you for help. When you arrived at his hiding place. Ken had already been taken away. but he left you a map to his new location.

You liberated both Ken and Kimberly Kellerman despite heavy resistance. and they told you of a Crey Mind Control Center under the direction of a Dr. Amadeo Giacomo.

You captured the evil Dr. Giacomo along with Crey's mind control technology. Unfortunately. Dr. Giacomo's own memory was erased by his internal mental failsafe. Crey Industries thanked you for rooting out the corruption in their corporate structure. But you were left wondering: just how much of it was really corruption? And how much was business as usual?

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