PvP Zone MissionSteal technology to buff villain resistance


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  1. Defeat all Longbow, steal compound - 1:00:00 (Longbow)

Defeat all Longbow, steal compound

Warzone Operative Oudot

One of Longbow's researchers has developed a new ablative compound which can be applied to uniforms to temporarily enhance its protective capabilities. We need to steal that shipment! Head over to the Longbow base where the compound is being prepared for delivery and steal the shipment.

Longbow will be shipping it out to their agents very soon. You have 60 minutes to complete this mission!

If we steal the compound, we can use it to enhance the uniforms of all the villains fighting in Bloody Bay!

Part 1: Defeat all Longbow, steal compound - 1:00:00
Longbow base @ Bloody Bay (Longbow)

Longbow agents scramble about the place. Steal the compound before Longbow removes it from the base!

Mission Complete: You found the compound!

Warzone Operative Oudot

Excellent work! We'll distribute the compound to all the villains in Bloody bay!


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