Minor Story ArcMaster of Destruction


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Wyvern Mercenaries
  2. Destroy Boomtown supplies
  3. Destroy Hero Statues

Defeat all Wyvern Mercenaries

Operative Wellman

Arachnos supports the efforts of certain rebellious factions in Paragon City by providing them with arms shipments. Usually there's enough bureaucracy involved that Longbow can't really get involved. However, that mercenary group known as Wyvern has no such restrictions.

We recently received wor dthat one of our shipments came under siege by a Wyvern team. Head over to the cargo ship and defeat the attacking Wyvern forces.

Wyvern is a bug that must be crushed by Arachnos.

Part 1: Defeat all Wyvern Mercenaries
Cargo Ship @ Cap au Diable

You pull up alongside the cargo ship. On board you see Wyvern forces securing the deck.

Mission Complete: You countered the Wyvern attack!

Operative Wellman

Once you repelled that Wyvern attack, the arms shipment made it through to Paragon City. Nice work.

Destroy Boomtown supplies

Operative Wellman

There's efforts being made in Paragon City to rebuild in the wake of the Rikti destruction. Baumtown, or Boomtown as it's been called, has become one of the areas of focus. The problem is that Paragon City is a haven for heroes, and rebuilding places like Boomtown serves to strengthen their base of power. This cannot be allowed to hapen. The Rogue Isles must retain its dominance, and in order to do so we must undermine Paragon's rebuilding efforts. Head to the construction site and destroy all the building supplies.

Longbow is looking over the reconstruction project, so expect some resistance.

Part 2: Destroy Boomtown supplies (Destroy 2 forklifts, Destroy 5 supply piles)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Cap au Diable


Mission Complete: Missing

Operative Wellman

Excellent work! This should do some serious damage to the Boomtown reconstruction efforts.

Go to Steel Canyon and destroy some of their precious hero statues

Operative Wellman

With your help, we've caused some serious problems for Paragon City. The arms shipment you helped get theough flooded Paragon City with more weapons than the criminals know what to do with. When you destoryed the Boomtown reconstruction suppies it put a serious drain on Paragon City's resources. Now we want to hurt the pride which Paragon City has in its heroes.

Wyvern has been snooping around our operations lately, so you might see a few of those mercenaries about. Don't let them distract you from the task at hand.

Part 3: Destroy Hero Statues (Destroy 2 Hero Statues)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Cap au Diable


Mission Complete: Missing

Operative Wellman

Perfect. those monuments to those so-called heroes are where they should be: in dust and rubble.

Souvenir: Sledge Hammer

This is a heavy, well-used sledgehammer. You picked it up during a tale you call:

Master of Destruction

It all started with a request by Arachnos Operative Wellman to prevent a Wyvern interception of an arms shipment to Paragon City. Travelling to the cargo ship, you repelled the Wyvern attack, allowing the shipment to get to the mainland.

The next step was to put a serious damper on the Boomtown reconstruction efforts. Travelling to Paragon City, you destroyed all the supplies in a reconstruction project causing a serious resource drain.

Finally, it was time to put a hurt on the Paragon's pride - it's heroes. you travelled to Paragon City and destroyed a number of statues belonging to prominent heroes.


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