Minor Story ArcBreakout at the Zig


Mission Index

  1. Steal the prisoner transfer list (Longbow)
  2. Break prisoners out of the Zig
  3. Defeat all Longbow agents

Steal the prisoner transfer list

Operative Wellman

You know the Zig back in Paragon City? Of course you do - you seem the type. We'd like to get the latest on who's been shipped there recently. If there are some inmates that seem promising, we'd like to free them from incarceration, if you know what I'm saying.

First off, we need to break into a nearby Longbow base and get the latest list of prisoners recently transferred to the Zig. From there, we'll decide who's worth liberating.

Here's the latest passcodes we've acquired from captured Longbow agents. They should get you into the Longbow base, but from there you're on your own.

I've commandeered a sub here at the docks. Use it to get to the underwater Longbow base.

Part 1: Steal the prisoner transfer list
Longbow Underwater Base @ Cap au Diable (Longbow)

You enter the underwater base from the airlock and breathe in the recycled air.

Objective: You downloaded the prisoner transfer list.

CluePrisoner Transfer List

This is a list of the latest prisoners transferred to the Zig in Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You stole the prisoner transfer list!

Operative Wellman

You got the list? We'll look it over and see if there's anyone worth spriging from the Zig.

Break prisoners out of the Zig

Operative Wellman

We checked out the prisoner transfer list that you stole from that Longbow base and we came up with some likely candidates. There's a bunch of criminals there that'd make good henchman material - one can never be too short on those. There's three prisoners Lord Recluse feels might prove particularly useful: Void Ripper, Nexus 99, and Blunt Trauma. We'll send in an advance agent to start a riot in the facility, then you can go in and break the prisoners out of the Zig.

Note that if you fail to return at least one of these villains, this mission will be deemed a failure in the eyes of Arachnos.

We'll have an Arachnos flyer ready to take you into the Zig proper. When you get there, make your way to teh sewer entrance near the back. We have an Arachnos Operative waiting inside the sewer system ready to assist you.

As soon as you bust the prisoners out of the Zig we'll have a cargo ship waiting to take them to Mercy Isle.

Part 2: Break prisoners out of the Zig
Instanced Outdoor [The Zig] @ Mercy Isle

The shouts of rioting prisoners fill the air. Chaos reigns within the Zig.

Operative Wellman

On mission failure: The jailbreak failed!

You couldn't even get one of them out of the Zig? You're lucky our agents were there to clean up your mess.

Defeat all Longbow agents

Operative Wellman

The villains you managed to break out of the Zig made it to Mercy, but we had also loaded up a cargo ship full of the mundane prisoners. We thought we were in the clear, but Longbow managed to track the cargo ship we were usign to smuggle them to the Rogue Isles. The cargo ship has been taken over by Longbow agents trying to recover the prisoners. Head over to that ship and defeat all the Longbow agents.

Crush those Longbow meddlers. All of them.

Part 3: Defeat all Longbow agents
Cargo Ship @ Cap au Diable

Mission Complete: You defeated the Longbow retrieval team!

Operative Wellman

The ship got to Mercy Island alright, and you sent those Longbow forces packing. Fine work, Dread Tomax!

Souvenir: Zig Guard Hat

This is a security guard hat taken from one of the Ziggursky prison guards. You picked it up in a tale you like to call:

Breakout at the Zig

It all started when Arachnos Operative Wellman asked you to acquire the latest list of prisoner transfers to the Zig. To do this you needed to break into a nearby Longbow base to download the list off one of their computers.

Arachnos reviewed the list of new prisoners in the Zig. In addition to the regular criminal minions, there were three villains in particular that Lord Recluse thought would prove useful: Void ripper, Nexus 99, and BLunt Trauma. An advance agent started a riot in the Zig while you attempted to bust out the villains.

The prisoners were smuggled into a cargo ship to take them to Mercy Island. However, Longbow managed to track down the vessel at sea and secure it for transport back to the Zig. You had to board the cargo ship and defeat all the Longbow agents there. In the end, the cargo ship reached Mercy Island where the prisoners met their new life in the Rogue Isles.


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