Minor Story ArcEcho Down the Aeons


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Wyvern tech thieves (Wyvern)
  2. Defeat any intruders in base
  3. Catch Prof. Echo

Notable Foes

Entrusted with the Secret
You have been exposed to Time Travel and have been granted access to the Ouroboros Citadel. You can find the power to summon forth a portal there in your Temporary Power tray.
More Info: City Information Terminal


Marshal Brass

Wyvern's been stealing some high-tech gear from Dr. Egon's labs.

Sorry. I misspoke.

I meant, Dr. Aeon's labs. I think that echo guy is involved again. I need it investigated. Pay's good as always. Interested?

As usual, this is on the QT. Your involvement is deniable. There will be no assistance from Arachnos other than my information. Clear?

Wyvern will do another raid soon. I want every head caved in. If you find out why they're doing this, tell me. Professor Echo has some kind of plan. I want to know what it is.

Part 1: Defeat all Wyvern tech thieves
@ Cap au Diable (Wyvern)

Acording to Brass, this base has been cleared out of most Arachnos personnel, so there shouldn't be anyone here to see your involvement. Anyone by Wyvern, that is.

Objective: This box held something important.

ClueTemporal Deflector

The device in this box is missing and has probably been taken by Wyvern agents under Professor Echo's orders, but some of the notes were left behind. Apparently this device was a left-over remnant from some of Dr. Aeon's old experiments in time travel. The Time Deflector could disrupt the energy of a time-traveller, changing the traveler's destination point in space and time. Aeon shelved it as useless because you needed to know the exact destination point the time traveller originally intended.

Professor EchoProfessor Echo [Boss]
Professor Echo has been a thorn in Dr. Aeon's side for some time. No one knows where he came from or what his purpose is, only that he's determined to thwart Dr. Aeon at every turn.

Mission Complete: You stopped the raid and discovered what they were trying to steal.

Marshal Brass

A time deflector? Interesting. I'm going to keep this quiet. But this isn't over. Let me tell you about what Wyvern's been up to.

Do it

Marshal Brass

Wyvern agents known to work with professor Echo have been seen observing two unused Arachnos bases. They have yet to take direct action. I want you to investigate those bases. Find out why they're interested in them. Obliterate anyone who might stand in your way. Can you do that?

Good. That's why you make the big money.

The base should be empty. if it's not, destroy all opposition until it is. See if you can discover why Wyvern and Echo are interested in these two bases. Report to me when you're done.

Part 2: Defeat any intruders in base
@ Cap au Diable

Brass said this place wasn't inhabited, but he didn't say it was this much of a mess. What could be going on here?

Mission Complete: You found a note in a pool of slime. It looks important.

ClueA slime-covered note

You foun this note discarded in a pool of slime. It says:

'Remembered it being an unused base. Just not this one. Perhaps I could still make use of it?

To do:

2: Go back several weeks, clone army of Shivans here.

1: Go back before I do that, and remind self to build control mechanism into Shivan clones.

3: Spring Shivan ambush.

1.5: If ambush fails, jump back again and ready arrival location in 2nd base.

Marshal Brass

Alright, This is getting wierd. While you were busy, Wyvern moved into the other old base. We haven't attacke dyet. Don't want to flush them into hiding. I'd rather crush them in one place. I'd like to have you do it.

Catch Echo once and for all

Marshal Brass

Wyvern and Professor Echo are in that second abandoned base. This is a chance to get Echo once and for all. Get a whole gang together. I don't want him to get away.

Don't worry as much about gettign everyone. Concentrate on Echo. Find out what's going on here.

Part 3: Catch Prof. Echo
@ Cap au Diable

This is another unused Arachnos base. you have to wonder how many of these things they build and never use.

Professor EchoProfessor Echo [Elite Boss]
Professor Echo has been a thorn in Dr. Aeon's side for some time. No one knows where he came from or what his purpose is, only that he's determined to thwart Dr. Aeon at every turn.
Dr. Aeon?Dr. Aeon? [Boss]
This younger version of Professor Echo looks strangely familiar.

Mission Complete: You defeated Professor Echo, but saw something very disturbing.

Entrusted with the Secret
Awarded for completing the story arc
Marshal Brass

You're sure that the other person looked like Dr. Aeon? This might make sense, with the time travel deflector. Honestly, I don't know what I should do with this yet. I'll report that you took care of Professor Echo. I'm going to have to think about what to do about Dr. Aeon. Either way, that's the last thing I have for you. You did well.

Souvenir: An Old Drawing of You

Ths faded and folded drawing is clearly supposed to be of you. You found it on the body of Professor Echo when you finally caught him at the end of the escapade you called:

Echo Down the Aeons

It all started after the Aeon conspiracy. Marshall Brass had some more work for you. Wyvern had been stealing high-tech gear from Dr. Aeon's labs. You took a commision to stop them, and discovered that the culprit was none other than Professor Echo, who had taken a time deflector, and old piece of Dr. Aeon's technology meant to alter the destination point of a time traveller. Aeon had discarded it as useless, but Professor Echo obviously thought differently.

In the wake of the strange theft, Wyvern agents were spotted in two different bases. Brass paid well to clean them out, but the first one you came to was filled with Shivans cloned by Professor Echo! You cleaned the place out, and found a note that had been dropped in the slime. From the note it seemed like Professor Echo was interested in the other base.

You hit the other base, fought through Wyvern Mercenaries, and found yourself confronted with an amazing sight: Professor Echo talking to an older Dr. Aeon. And they were talking about you. Professor Echo was trying to deliver a warning about you, and the older Dr. Aeon was shocked to see you alive. Dr. Aeon fled, but Professor Echo fought to the end.

Marshal Bras seemed confused by the whole situation, and figured he'd need time to think. He paid you, but had no further jobs. The only question left it, what did it all mean?


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