Special EventOperation: Scrooge


Mission Index

  1. Steal holiday presents (Longbow)

Holiday Spirit
Arachnos tried to ruin the holidays, but you have done your best to stop them.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Steal holiday presents

Operative Gruber

Freedom Corps has been busy gathering presents for one of the charities in Paragon City to help build goodwill and holiday cheeer. Bah! Lord Recluse sees this as the perfect opportunity to demoralize those people and make fools of the heroes who protect them! We've located a shipment of holiday presents en route to Paragon City. Steal these presents for the greater glory of Arachnos!

Let us give the gift which keeps on giving, Dread Tomax: misery!

Part 1: Steal holiday presents (4 presents to steal)
Instanced Outdoor [Sharkeahd Isle] @ Sharkhead Isle (Longbow)

Time to deck the hall with Longbow agents! Steal those presents!

Holiday Spirit
Awarded for completing the mission
Operative Gruber

Bah, humbug!


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