Minor Story ArcGive 'em Hellion


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Hellions (Hellions)
  2. Defeat all villains in office
  3. Defeat 3K Kelvin and guards

Notable Foes

Defeat all Hellions

Billie Heck

You heard of the Hellions? I'm sure you've seen 'em around Port Oakes. Anyway, they stole a bunch of crates of goods from the Family, and the Family wants payback. this would be a great way to gain favour with the Family and maybe get more jobs from them. I managed to find out where the Hellions were hiding out. Head to the Hellions base where they're hiding the goods and take them out!

Don't leave any of them standing! Take out everyone in that Hellion base!

Part 1: Defeat all Hellions
Abandoned Warehouse @ Port Oakes (Hellions)

You kick up dust from the floor as you enter this run down warehouse.

Mission Complete: You defeated all the Hellions!

ClueMissing crates

Despite the fact that the Hellions supposedly stole a bunch of goods from the Family, the crates are nowhere to be found.

Billie Heck

You cleared 'em out? Excellent! They won't be bothering me... er... the Family again.

Defeat the Hellion bosses

Billie Heck

Okay, so those Hellions didn't steal anything from the Family. Yah, I know I played ya, but I had no choice! Y'see, they been sendin' guys after me since I left them - yeah, I was a Hellion. I managed to steal this magical artifact from 'em, and I thought that it was my ticket into the big time. I still ain't struck it big yet, and the Hellions are still afetr me!

Tell ya what... to make up for it, I'll make ya a deal. If you help me take out the Hellion bosses that are after me, I'll give you the artifact I stole. We got a deal?

You help me take out these guys, and the artifact is yours!

Part 2: Defeat all villains in office
Abandoned Office @ Port Oakes

This abandoned office smells of mildew and smoke.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Helion bosses!

ClueThe Hellion's Threat

As you take down the last of the Hellions, the leader screams at you 'You're going down, you hear me! We sent for 3K Kelvin, and he's going to burn you but good!'

Billie Heck

Alright, you took out these Hellion leaders, but 3K Kelvin is coming from Paragon City! I'm not giving you the artifact until you take him out as well!

Defeat 3K Kelvin and guards

Billie Heck

It looks like the Hellions are still ticked about that artifact I stole. And sending you in to beat down their leaders didn't do much to mend the situation. They've sent 3K Kelvin after me; he's the toughest customer I ever met when I was working for the Hellions! I'm scared, Dread Tomax. Real scared.

If you take out 3K Kelvin, I'll give you the magical artifact that I have! I'll warn you now that 3K Kelvin is one tough customer, so you might wanna look for some muscle to back you up.

It sounds liek 3K Kelvin and his gang took over a warehouse in Port Oakes. You take him out and the artifact is yours.

Part 3: Defeat 3K Kelvin and guards
Warehouse @ Port Oakes

This warehouse has recently been overrun by a Hellions gang.

3K Kelvin3K Kelvin [Elite Boss]
3K Kelvin is a heavy hitter for the Hellions in Paragon City. He is often called in to deal with probles of the Hellions, using his fire mastery to burn his enemies to cinders.

Mission Complete: You defeated 3K Kelvin!

Billie Heck

Thanks for helpin' me out, Dread Tomax.

Take this artifact. I'm glad to be rid of it! Don't know why there's such a big fuss about it anyway.

Souvenir: Pentagram Medallion

This is a pentagram medallion worn by 3K Kelvin, a powerful Hellions gang leader. This is a souvenir from a story you like to call:

Give 'em Hellion!

Billie Heck said that Helions had stolen some crates of goods from a Family warehouse, and that it's a good opportunity to gain favour with the Family. You proceeded to take out the entire Helion hideout, only to discover there were no actual Family goods anywhere.

Billie came clean and admitted that the Hellions were after him for stealing a magical artifact from them. Billie decided to make adeal with you: take out the Hellion bosses and he'd give you the artifact he stole. After assaulting the main Hellion base, you discovered that the Hellions had called upon the help of one of their heavies known as 3K Kelvin who was en route to Port Oakes. Billie was unwilling to give up the artifact until 3K Kelvin was taken down.

You proceeded to the base thaT 3K Kelvin had taken over, and managed to overcome him and his crew. In the end, Billie made good on his deal, giving you the promised magical artifact.


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