Minor Story ArcBreaking Bows


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Longbow agent & his team (Longbow,Luddites)
  2. Defeat all agents in post
  3. Save Olivia Darque

Put a stop to Longbow's incursion

Peter Themari

Have you head of the rabble of pusillanimous vigilantes who call themselves Longbow? They make me sick. Scrupulous, sermonizing, do-gooders. If they have their way, they'll turn my lovely Cap au Diable into a field of pink and yellow daises, where happy kittens frolic and play. Disgusting!

I need you to put a stop to Longbow's incursion into the Rogue Isles. According to my sources, a Longbow representative is meeting with the Luddites to discuss setting up a secret base here. Kidnap that representative and smack around a few of the Luddites for good measure. Should be easy, and fun.

Longbow is a huge hero organization, funded out of Paragon City. Get rid of them, and Arachnos will make it worth your while.

Part 1: Defeat Longbow agent & his team
Tunnels @ Cap au Diable (Longbow,Luddites)

The Luddites' poor hovel is lit with torches and candles rather than electrical fixtures. Pathetic.

Mission Complete: You defeated Senior Agent Albrecht!

Peter Themari

Well done, Dread Tomax, well done. Albrecht and I will have a brief discussion in my private office. Yes. I expect I'll have more information for you before long.

Get rid of every Longbow agent in the listening post

Peter Themari

Mr. Albrecht and I have had a most pleasant conversation. According to him, Longbow has already extablished a listening post here on Cap. he was even kind enough to provide the coordinates. I'd like you to head over there and get rid of every single Longbow agent in the place. See if you can find out what they've learned, too. That information will be valuable to Arachnos.

I envy you this task, Dread Tomax. I really do.

Part 2: Defeat all agents in post (Seek information)
Freedom Corps base @ Cap au Diable

A build up of dust in the corner indicates Longbow's been here for some time.

Objective: You have downloaded the listening post's files.

ClueLongbow files

These files, taken from a Longbow listening post, catalogue the organization's findings during its abortive reconnaissance of Cap au Diable. Several of the findings could be worth money to the right buyer, and you file those away for later. But one file demands immediate action. It seems Longbow has learned of a trip Olivia Darque intends to make to Paragon City to curry favour with the Council. The file details Longbow's plans to apprehend the Arachnos sorceress.

Mission Complete: You shut down the listening post and learned something interesting from its files.

Peter Themari

Accoriding to these files you recovered, Olivia Darque is in for a surprise when she docks at Paragon City. Now, ordinarily I'd be happy to let the fool rot in the Ziggurat. But I won't haveLongbow thinking they've got the better of the Rogue Isles. So we're going to save Ms. Darque, Dread Tomax. Yes, much as it pains me, we're going to save someone.

Secure Olivia Darque from the Longbow ambush

Peter Themari

Olivia Darque is already en route to Paragon City. In order to protect her from the Longbow ambush, we need to move quickly. Longbow plans to attack during Darque's meet with the Circle in Skyway City. I want you to secure Darque, and give those Longbow boy scouts a bloody nose. Think you can handle it?

Make sure Darque knows who to thank for this example of deux ex machina. This could be good for both our careers.

Part 3: Save Olivia Darque
Instanced Outdoor [Skyway City] @ Cap au Diable

Longbow forces have already descended.

Olivia Darque Arachnos [Pet]
The assistant to Marshall Brass is one of the big players in Cap au Diable. Do right by her and you may well be on your way to greatness. Let Longbow defeat her and your life won't be worth much.

Mission Complete: You rescued Olivia Darque!

ClueDarque's ring

When you rescued Olivia Darque, she gave you a large ring bearing a strange sigil on its crown. It should be valuable as you try to move up in the world.

Peter Themari

Darque is safe. Good. Longbow is beaten. Better. You've helped me keep Cap au Diable the free place it's meant to be, where people like you and I can cut loose and enjoy ourselves. Dont' expect me to say thank you. But I must admit, I'm mighty glad.

Souvenir: Olivia Darque's Ring

This ring, given to you by Olivia Darque, is more than just a way to open doors throughout Cap au Diable. It's also a reminder of an escapade you like to call:

Breaking Bows

You first learned of Longbow's incursion into the Rogue Isles from Peter Themari. he objected to the arrival of the hero organization, not just because it impacted his business efforts, but also because he hates to see anyone doing good. You were dispatched to apprehend a Longbow agent who was working with the Luddites to set up a Longbow base on Cap au Diable. You quickly returned with the ill-fated Agent Albrecht in tow.

Under Themari's ruthless questioning, Agent Albrecht gave up the location of a Longbow listening base that had been established on Cap au Diable some months previous. You went there and disassembled it, knocking the stuffing out of the unprepared Longbow agents inside. You also stole their files, which included a plan to ambush Olivia Darque during a trip she planned to make to Paragon City.

Helping anyone rubbed Themari the wrong way, but letting Longbow make a coup rubbed worse, so he sent you to Paragon City to ambush the ambushers. You rescued Olivia Darque, securing a name for yourself in the Rogue Isles and giving those Longbow do-gooders a few bruises to remember you by.


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