Story ArcAfter the Wall Fell


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Experiment 236 and witnesses
  2. Take down spies and witnesses
  3. Defeat Electroshock and witnesses
  4. Interrogate Spetsnaz leader
  5. Take down Turovsky and witnesses
  6. Defeat all Spetsnaz in lab - 1:30:00

Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Experiment 236, Boss (Krylov's Creations)
  • Mission #3: Experiment 236, Boss (Krylov's Creations)
  • Mission #4: Electroshock, Boss (Krylov's Creations)

Defeat Experiment 236 and witnesses

Dmitri Krylov

Ah, good you are here. As you may know, I have done much research into metahuman biology. Part of my research involved experiments which transformed regular human subjects into powerful metahumans. There have been good results and bad results - right now I have to deal with a bad one. You know American saying about egg-breaking and omelets! Ha ha! Good joke.

One of my experiments did not deal with the receiving of superpowers and has gone - how you say - nuts. He attacked an Arachnos base and caused much loss of property and general mayhem. Like bull in china shop, no? Arachnos troops are there, and if they get ahold of him they may capture him and find I am responsible. Krylov be in hot water then! Go to the Arachnos base and take down Experiment 236 and any witnesses!

I do not want trouble with Arachnos, but do not see way to clean up this mess without removing any of their operatives who have seen Experiment 236. Oh well!

Part 1: Defeat Experiment 236 and witnesses
Arachnos Base @ Cap au Diable

Smoke obscures your vision. Whatever came through here left a trail of destruction.

Experiment 236Experiment 236 [Boss]
Experiment 236 is a creation od Dr. Dmitri Krylov, a Russian scientist who came to the Rogue Isles to make money by creating super-powered villains. Experiment 236 did not survive the transformatin process with his sanity intact, and has since gone on a fiery rampage!

Mission Complete: You defeated Experiment 236

Dmitri Krylov

What? There were Russian soldiers there? Spetsnaz? Hrm...

Take down the spies and witnesses

Dmitri Krylov

I have special mission for you. There are people stalking me and they may be related to those Spetsnaz you ran into earlier. But Krylov is too smart for stupid spies. Ha! I turn around and follow them to warehouse! There they are meeting with strange men for unknown purpose. I do not like these things happening. Go there and defeat the spies before they - how you say - spill any beans about me!

These spies can bring big problem to me. Take them out!

Part 2: Take down spies and witnesses
Abandoned Warehouse @ Cap au Diable

The warehouse looks unoccupied. This is a good location to exchange secrets.

Mission Complete: You defeated the spy!


You heard one of the negotiators mention the name 'Kaminsky'.

Dmitri Krylov

One of them mentioned Kaminsky? This bas news, comrade. Kaminsky is - how you say - skeleton in closet for me. He is part of Spetsnaz force I used to work for back in old Soviet Union. I created special soldiers for Spetsnaz for long time. Now I think they want me back. Is very bad news, both for you and me. They think you are one of my creations! They won't stop until they capture BOTH of us! You feel like working for Spetsnaz? Bad wages, no benefits, comrade. Oh, and they kill you if you - how you say - mess up!

Defeat Electroshock and witnesses

Dmitri Krylov

Do not worry about Spetsnaz hunting us, for Krylov have plan! The Spetsnaz are looking for other metahumans I creae to get to me. That is why theyhunt you now as well. But I know good target for them! One of my experiments went a bit - how you say - off his nut and decided to become a hero. Big embarassment for Krylov let me tell you! IF we set him up for the Spetsnaz, we can draw out their leader and take him out. No more Spetsnaz leader, no more problems for you and Krylov, da? Go to Kings Row and take out the hero Electroshock!

I have boat ready at docks. When you get to Paragon City, head to Kings Row to find Electroshock. He is known to do his hero act around there.

Part 3: Defeat Electroshock and witnesses
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Cap au Diable

This area of Kings Row is rife with violence.

Experiment 236Experiment 236 [Boss]
Experiment 236 is a creation od Dr. Dmitri Krylov, a Russian scientist who came to the Rogue Isles to make money by creating super-powered villains. Experiment 236 did not survive the transformatin process with his sanity intact, and has since gone on a fiery rampage!

Mission Complete: You defeated Electroshock!

Dmitri Krylov

Excellent! I put out word on street that Electroshock was one of my creations, so the Spetsnaz should be nabbing him from the Kings Row hospital now.

Interrogate Spetsnaz leader

Dmitri Krylov

It is as Krylov thought: the Spetsnaz that were hunting me grabbed that hero you put in hospital since they knew I gave him his powers. Now it is Krylov's turn to hunt Spetsnaz! Each of my experiments have homing implant - and the implant says that heroic idiot Electroshock has been taken to offshore cargo ship. It has Russian papers, but is supposed to be in Baltic right now. Krylov wants you to go to cargo ship and interrogate the Spetsnaz leaders!

Show no mercy, for those Spetsnaz know none.

Part 4: Interrogate Spetsnaz leader
Cargo Ship @ Cap au Diable

You see the weathered Cyrillic lettering along the side of this vessel.

ElectroshockElectroshock [Boss]
Electroshock is a hero created by the super-science of Dr. Dmitri Krylov. Electroshock was originally a villain who came to Krylov seeking super-powers, but in the end decided to become a hero in Paragon City.

Mission Complete: You interrogate the Spetsnaz leader.

ClueThe Spetsnaz' Plan

Ivan Stepanovich reveals to you that they are not actually a sanctioned government team but a group of mercenaries who wished to give themselves an edge by forcing Krylov into making super-commandos for them. They were led to the Rogue Islands by a man known as Roman Turovsky.

Dmitri Krylov

Good, good. Krylov is delighted that you pound Spetsnaz faces into ground. Roman Turovsky tell them where I was? That traitor! I create soldiers for Turovsky in Soviet Union! And this is how he repays me? Krylov is not pleased!

Take down Turovsky and witnesses

Dmitri Krylov

The rogue Spetsnaz group that were after Krylov have been defeated, thanks to your efficient pounding of faces! But Roman Turovsky is the one who told them that information! Even after Krylov gave Turovsky big discount on super-soldiers back in Soviet Union! This is matter of revenge for Krylov now!

That big rat Turovsky has come to Rogue Islands to try to be friends with Arachnos. He is on his way to speak with Arachnos right now. Take down Turovsky before he meets with Arachnos.

Turovsky is a traitorous dog. Break him.

Part 5: Take down Turovsky and witnesses
Instanced Outdoor [Cap au Diable] @ Cap au Diable

Arachnos operatives patrol the area. Unfortunately for them, no witnesses can be left.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Roman Turovsky!

Dmitri Krylov

Ha! Krylov is pleased! You do good job in breaking Turovsky! Haha!

Defeat all Spetsnaz in lab

Dmitri Krylov

Krylov thanks you for your assistance in crushing these Spetsnaz that were after me and helping me take revenge against that fool that told them where I was. but those Spetsnaz are very, very tricky! Since they could not take me, they have decided to takemy work! Thay have broken into my lab at the moment and are trying to steal my research! Take down the Spetsnaz in my lab!

You have 90 minutes before they escape!

We will crush these Spetsnaz dogs underneath our big boots!

Part 6: Defeat all Spetsnaz in lab - 1:30:00 (Stop Ferlak before he escapes!)
Laboratory @ Cap au Diable

The door to this lab has been blown open by prodigious use of explosives.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Spetsnaz intruders!

Dmitri Krylov

Excellent, Dread Tomax! Most excellent! I don't think we'll hear from those Spetsnaz fools again!

Souvenir: Spetsnaz Badge

This is a Spetsnaz badge, taken from a renegade team that came from the Soviet Union in a story you liek to call:

After the Wall Fell

It all started when Dr. Dmitri Krylov aske dyou to go in to retrieve one of his experiments that had gone wild and attacked an Arachnos base. There you discovered a group od Spetsnaz trying to nab the experimnt in hopes of tracking down Krylov. Krylov revealed that he used to create super commandos for the Spetsnaz long ago, and that they were likely trying to track him down.

Late, Krylov discovered that he was being spyed upon. He eluded the spy and in turn tracked hi to a warehouse where he was meeting with a group of Wyvern. You managed to defeat the spy for Krylov.

Krylov decided it was bets to flush out the leader of the Spetsnaz group. You went to Kings Row and defeated Electroshock, one of Krylov's experiments that decided to go hero (much to Kryov's disappointment).

Sure enought, the Spetsnaz kidnaped Electroshock from the hospital for interrogation. Krylov has the foresight to install homing devices in each of his experiments ad tracked his location to an offshore Russian cargo ship. You interrogated the Spetsnaz leader, who revealed that Roman Turovsky ratted out Krylov.

Krylov wants revenge on Turovsky, and sends you after him. After a battle at the PTS on Cap Au Diable, Turovsky was defeated.

In a last effort to steal Krylov's knowledge, the Spetsnaz attempted to steal research data from his lab. Again, Krylov sent you to intervene, sending many more of the Russian commandoes to the hospital!

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