Minor Story ArcThe Vahzilok Conference


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Beatiful Dead (Vahzilok)
  2. Bring citizens to Vahzilok surgeons
  3. Steal notes from Facemaker 1:15:00

Notable Foes

This other world has been overshadowed by corrupting magic.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Find reason behind Vahzilok's visit

Dmitri Krylov

Dobreden, Dread Tomax. Krlov has heard disturbing rumour: Dr. Vahzilok is coming to the Rogue Islands! I know not why, but this could be problem for Krylov if he starts make villains here! There only so much viable market economy for villain creations, nyet?

I know place here where Vahzilok lumber about like big zombie-things they are. Go there and find information on why Dr. Vahzilok is coming to the Rogue Islands.

Bring information back to Krylov. And hurry!

Part 1: Defeat Beatiful Dead
Sewers @ Cap au Diable (Vahzilok)

The sewers stink of flith and the cloyng odour of death.

Objective: You interrogate Beautiful Dead

ClueVahzilok Conference

The Vahzilok boss known as Beautiful Dead relates that Dr. Vahzilok is coming to the Rogue Islands to meet with Facemaker, one of the doctor's powerful henchmen.

Mission Complete: You found out why Dr. Vahzilok is coming!

Dmitri Krylov

Ah! Of course! Dr. Vahzilok s coming to meet with facemaker, our resident animator! Hrm, this could be bad for Krylov's business.

Here! You do good work for Krylov, so you take this salvage from those smely Vahzilok!

Bring citizens to Vahzilok surgeons

Dmitri Krylov

So Dr. Vahzilok plans to come to Rogue Islands, eh? This bad for Krylov's business, but Krylov have plan. Great BIG plan...

Dr. Vahzilok is big tough villain in Paragon City that everyone knows, nyet? Well, if Dr. Vahzilok is too busy fighting heroes, he can't make visit to Rogue Islands! I say we set up Dr. Vahzilok for fall!

I know some surgeons in Paragon City who I worked with on some 'special experiments'. I will tel them you are coming to help them gather more 'raw materials'! When the Paragon City heroes find out about the kidnappings, they'll be after Dr. Vahzilok like fleas on a dog. Ha ha! Now go to Paragon City, kidnap some victims, and take the to the Vahzilok!

Watch out for Longbow, Dread Tomax. They have been very suspicious of who I have been talking to.

Part 2: Bring citizens to Vahzilok surgeons (3 victims to kidnap)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Cap au Diable

You dodge various Longbow patrols set up to prevent you from making it into Paragon City. Now kidnap some citizens and take them to the Vahzilok!

Mission Complete: You have caused heroes to start hunting Dr. Vahzilok!

Awarded for completing the mission
Dmitri Krylov

Wonderful! I watch news and the citizens disappearing have made many heroes quite unhappy with Dr. Vahzilok! That should put crimp in his travel plans! Ha ha!

Steal notes from Facemaker

Dmitri Krylov

Dread Tomax! Looks like we put crimp in Dr. Vahzilok's visit to Rogue Islands! Ha ha! His henchman, Facemaker was planing to meet him at local office ot share notes. meeting not happening now, but notes could still be very valuable to right bidder! Ha ha! Krylov LOVES capitalist society!

Head over to the office and steal the notes from Facemaker.

The facemaker, she is one mean lady. You might want to bring some muscle with you.

You have 75 minutes to complete this mission.

how you say - big money, no whammy!

Part 3: Steal notes from Facemaker 1:15:00 (Stop Facemaker from escaping!)
Officer @ Cap au Diable

The smell of putrid flesh and the sound of buzzing flies fills the air. It's Vahzilok country.

FacemakerFacemaker [Elite Boss]
The woman called the Facemaker was once a discipl of Dr. Vahzilok in Paragon City. She still admires the mad doctor's work, but decided to strike out on her own to persue her own amoral vision of life and beauty.

Mission Complete: You have stolen the notes from Facemaker!

ClueVahzilok Notes

These are notes taken from Facemaker, detailing a number of grisly plastic surgery experiments.

Mission Failed: Facemaker escaped with her notes!

Dmitri Krylov

Wonderful! Hrm... these notes are VERY interesting! Perhaps I'll keep them for myself...

On mission failure:

She escaped! You idiot! You know what big capitalist dough we could have made those notes?

Souvenir: Vahzilok Scapel

This is a scalpel taken from a Vahzilok operating table in a tale you like to call:

The Vahzilok Conference

It all started when Dr. Dmitri Krylov found out that Dr. Vahzilok was coming to visit the Rogue Islands. Krylov sent you after a Vahzilok hideout to find the reason for the visit, which you discovered was to meet with Facemaket, the resident animator.

Krylov has an idea to keep the conference between the two from happening. He sent you to Paragon City to capture a number of citizens and bring them to a Vahzilok operating table in the sewers. Dr. Vahzilok was forced to cancel his trip while he dealt with the sudden increase in heroes hunting him down.

The conference was cancelled, but Krylov decided to make the best of the situation. He sent you after Facemaker to take the notes she was going to share with Dr. Vahzilok.


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