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Mission Index

  1. Steal Outbreak from Lost (Longbow,The Lost)
  2. Drop off the canisters of Outbreak

Plague Carrier
The radio told you to steal the Outbreak virus and bring it back to Port Oakes.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Steal the 'outbreak' drug from the Lost and then take it to the drop-off point.

The Radio

You're listening to the radio you were told about as it plays top 40 hits from th mainland, when a new anouncer breaks into the middle of a song:

'You may not know what you're hearing! You may think you're going crazy! But man-oh-man, even if you are crazy, that doesn't mean that you aren't really listening to the one true station for villain information: Radio!


RADIOOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! That's right, we are Radio Free Opportunity, home of the best information for villains with the right inclination! We have a special dedication going out right now to Dread Tomax! According to our callers, those zealous misfits called The Lost have their hands on a hot new mystery drug that's been causing quite an outbreak over in Paragon City. But what I want to know it, why should they get all the money? So, Dread Tomax, if you're listening, if you were to steal the new drug from the Lost and deliver it to the drop off points in Paragon City, that reward would be yours for the taking. just keep an eye out for Longbow! They may be waiting to crash the party. Now, back to our music programming with some forgettable artist who no one will remember in a year.

The radio begins to play music again. You look around, but it seems as it no one else heard the announcer.

The voice of 'Radio Free Opportunity' is quiet, but you remember what it said. If you steal the drug 'Outbreak' from the Lost, then you can take it to the drop off points and take the money yourself.

Part 1: Steal Outbreak from Lost (Steal Outbreak, Defeat Lost Rector)
Sewers @ Port Oakes (Longbow,The Lost)

This disgusting section of sewer is overrun with the Lost. hard to believe they're synthesizing a new designer drug in here.

Objective: You defeated the Rector

ClueList of drop-off points

This is the list of drop-off points for the canisters of Outbreak.

Objective: You stole the canisters of Outbreak

ClueCanisters of 'Outbreak'

These metallic canisters contain enough of the new drug 'Outbreak' to cause some severe headaches for the forces of law and order in Paragon City, and make you some decent money.

Mission Complete: You stole several canisters of outbreak. Now to get the payment.

Part 2: Drop off the canisters of Outbreak (4 drop-off points)
Instanced Outdoor [Outbreak] @ Port Oakes

According to your contacts, this should be the neighborhood. It looks like Longbow knows that, too.

Objective: You took one of the payments

Mission Complete: You took the payments

Plague Carrier
Awarded for completing the mission
The Radio

The radio is playing pop hits from the last decad when you get back. You're about to walk away and chalk the whole thing up to an Arachnos psychological experiment when the music is interrupted mid-song by the voice of an announcer:

'And a big helo to all the villains and villettes out there in the Rogue Isles. In case you hadn't heard the news, the outbreak of Outbreak continues in Paragon City thanks to Port Oakes' own Dread Tomax, who just scored big by listening to:


RADIOOOOO! Free Opportunity!

Dread Tomax, keep listening and pying ettention for more hot-hot-hits and hot-hot-tips. Remember, if you have the will t power, Radio Free Opportunity is here to provide the juice!

And don't forget that Radio Free opportunity can now be heard on the internet and even on your cell phone! We're everywhere!'

The voice of Radio Free Opportunity cuts out and the radio begins to play another retro hit from yesteryear.

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