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  1. Defeat the Sea Witch (Scrapyarders,Spectral Pirates)

Defeat the Sea Witch

Mr. Bocor

Have you heard of the heroine who styles herself of the Sea Witch? this lovely lass has been causing a lot of trouble with the shipping out of Dockside lately, by convincing the Red Hands and Night Haunts to attack the vessels. And I have certain vested interests in those vessels. Now, we could battle the ghosts themselves; in fact, I have many spells for just that purpose. But I always believe it's better to go after the source. I need you to defeat the Sea Witch. I have put together a little trap for her, now all you must do is snap it shut. Those who would interrupt my dark works must know that Mr. Bocor is always watching.

The brave little heroine has learned that I've been hiding things in between the double-hulls of big freighter ships while they're bieng repaired in dry dock. She's rallied her spectral allies, but does not know that we know it all a trap to catch her.

And, oh, yes, you heard correctly. I said 'heroine', not 'vigilante'. We have no need for illusions of euphemisms between us, Dread Tomax. there are those who fight consistently for the side of right, and they are heroes. And then there are those like us, who know how to turn the powers of the world to our advantage without care for the cost to others, and we are called villains. Personally, I would rather be the latter any day.

Part 1: Defeat the Sea Witch (Defeat the Sea Witch)
Instanced Outdoor [Port Oakes] @ Port Oakes (Scrapyarders,Spectral Pirates)

The salt of the sea blends with the chill of supernatural menace.

Objective: You have defeated the Sea Witch!

Objective: You found some notes by the Sea Witch.

ClueThe Sea Witch's notes

These notes detail the Sea Witch's finding during her month-long campaign against the shipping out of dockside. According to these notes, Mr. Bocor has his fingers into the Family's Superadine trade, Arachnos' experiments with the ghosts, and every other major operation going on in Port Oakes. He even has ties to several of the Red Hands themselves.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Sea Witch.

Mr. Bocor

Thank you, my friend. I hope you gave the Sea Witch an experience to remember. With any luck, she will keep her nose out of my business from now on. Otherwise, we may have to again take action.

I am beginning to like you, Dread Tomax. You know how to get the job done.


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