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Mission Index

  1. Steal Council financial data - 1:30:00 (Council)

Steal Council financial information

Angelo Vendetti

The Council's finances are well protected most of the time. Usually, they're disguised as trust funds for charities. However, every now and again they have to shuffle accounts around to throw Interpol and the feds off their tracks. That leaves them vulnerable, if you know the right time and place. I know the right time and the right place. I know how vulnerable they are. I want you to use what I know to steal the passwords to hidden Council accounts while they're vulnerable. But if you're going to do this, you beter be ready to start immediately. The Council's accounts won't be vulnerable for long. You'll have maybe 90 minutes at the most.

There should be a number of computers in the base processing the financial data. I'll make sure you get a share. And remember: 90 minutes, tops.

Part 1: Steal Council financial data - 1:30:00 (10 financial computers)
Council base @ Port Oakes (Council)

This Council base is the place where their finances are being re-laundered by computer. Too bad for them you found it.

Objective: You stole the passwords to some Council accounts.

Mission Complete: You stole all of the Council's financial data you could.

Angelo Vendetti

Well done. You can keep all you got. You earned it. The Council will feel that. It might have bankrupted a few charities, but that's a minor thing in the game of revenge.


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