Story ArcThe Mysterious General Z


Mission Index

  1. Stop Sky Raider assassination (Sky Raiders)
  2. Recover the stolen evidence (Sky Raiders)
  3. Recover records from warehouse (Sky Raiders)
  4. Capture Armand and his guards (Sky Raiders)
  5. Recover evidence from Sky Raiders (Sky Raiders)
  6. Seek evidence at Lockhart (Sky Raiders)
  7. Defeat lead Raider, his guards (Sky Raiders)
  8. Rescue General Aarons (Sky Raiders,Nemesis)

Thwart the assassination attempt

Christine Lansdale

There've been rumours circulating in the underground that the Sky Raiders are planning to assassinate T'mbe Alwani, the ambassador from the African country of West Libertalia. I need someone to thwart that assassination attempt. Are you up to it?

If anything happens to the ambassador, we'll have to call this mission a failure. You had better bring along some extra emergency transporters just in case.

Ambassador Alwani must be protected. If he dies, we could well have an international incident on our hands.

Part 1: Stop Sky Raider assassination (3 people to rescue, Take Ambassador to exit)
Office (Sky Raiders)

You hear a shout and a loud crash. Then silence.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Sky Raiders and saved the ambassador and his entourage.

ClueA mysterious statement

One of the men you rescued told you:

'I can't tell you what this was about, but if you want to learn, then maybe we can help each other out. I think we may have a mutual acquintance we can work through. Your friend should get a message from me soon.'

Christine Lansdale

These flying mercenaries the ambassador described sound like the Sky Raiders. there have been rumors of high tech flying mercenaries working globally, and the Raiders' attempt on the Ambassador's life only confirms it.

Recover the stolen evidence

Christine Lansdale

I just got a strange message from someone calling himself General Z. According to him, the evidence that the Sky Raiders stole from Ambassador Alwani is being held in an old unused warehouse. If you can recover this stolen evidence, it could bring Sky Raider foreign operations to a halt.

That evidence should be enough to link the Sky Raiders to dozens of illegal operations in Africa.

Part 2: Recover the stolen evidence
Abandoned Warehouse (Sky Raiders)

According to the mysterious General Z, Ambassador Alwani's evidence is being held in this warehouse.

Objective: You found the stolen evidence!

ClueWest Libertalian records

This extensive body of evidence makes it clear that the Sky Raiders are behind the terrorist actions in West Libertalia. Photos, eyewitness accounts, and recovered Sky Raider equipment all corroborate the story.

Mission Complete: You recovered Ambassador Alwani's evidence against the Sky Raiders.

Christine Lansdale

Those West libertalians are really thorough. Look at all of this evidence. There's no question that the Sky Raiders have been involved in those raids against Ambassador Alwani's country.

Check the warehouse

Christine Lansdale

I got another tip from this mysterious General Z. He thinks it would be a good idea to investigate a local warehouse that's storing some equipment manufactured by Lockhart Aerotech. He mentioned that the records as the warehouse could give us some more information on the Sky Raiders' mercenary actions in West Libertalia. Considering his last tip, maybe you should check out this warehouse.

These little tips from General Z seem to be good as gold. I wonder who he is?

Part 3: Recover records from warehouse (Seek evidence, Speak with foreman)
Warehouse (Sky Raiders)

General Z's second tip has led you to this Lockhart Aerotech warehouse. The first thing you notice is that there seems to be no one here to meet you.

Objective: You found some records.

ClueWarehouse records

These records show a consistent pattern of thefts from this warehouse. Every two weeks, a batch of advanced parts comes into the warehouse; these parts are always stolen the following night. The serial numbers on the stolen equipment match those on the Sky Raider gear seized by the West Libertalian government.

Objective: You found some advanced parts.

ClueAdvanced parts

This box and many others like it are full of advanced parts produced by Lockhart Aerotech.

Mission Complete: You found that the equipment stolen from Lockhart Aerotech was being used by Sky Raiders in West Libertalia.

ClueThe foreman's story

When you rescued the warehouse foreman, he told you:

'I guess you could say I'm used to those Sky Raiders by now. They raid this place on a regular basis, but my bosses don't want me to call the police on account of insurance costs. I just keep my head down and record what they take.'

Christine Lansdale

The mysterious General Z was right; these records are most illuminating. It seems the Sky Raiders have been stealing tech from lockharrt for a long time. Then they've been using that technology in their mercenary campaign in West Libertalia. But from the records you found at Lockhart's warehouse, I'm not sure you interrupted a theft at all. More like a regular supply run. I'm going to have some people I know look into this.

Capture the fugitive politician

Christine Lansdale

We got another message from the mysterious General Z. He says that you should talk to a senator named Gil Armand about his foreign policy work. He even knows where to find him, which is something the police may be interested in. Gil Armand was indicted just this morning for connections to the Sky Raiders. The police took most of his papers as evidence, but armand himself disappeared. If you could capture this fugative politician, we could get two jobs done at once.

According to General Z, you'll be able to find Gil Armand in an unused section of the sewers.

Part 4: Capture Armand and his guards
Sewer (Sky Raiders)

This old section of the sewers seems like the perfect hiding place for a traitor.

Mission Complete: You captured Gil Armand, the traitorous politician.

ClueGil Armand's story

When you captured him, GiL armand spat out:

'Foolish hero! You may have caught me, but I will tell you nothing. Even as we speak, my brothers within the Sky Raiders have already stolen all the evidence that implicates me. You'll never find our secret base or retrieve your precious evidence.'

Christine Lansdale

It looks like Senator Armand wasn't lying. The Sky Raiders hit the police van that was carrying all the evidence tying Armand to their organization. You got Armand himself, at least. That's one fewer villain out on the streets.

Get the evidence back from the Sky Raiders

Christine Lansdale

General Z just sent me the location of a Sky Raider base we should be interested in. According to Z, this base is where the Sky Raiders are keeping the evidence that links Senator Gil Armand to their organization. The police sure would like to see that evidence returned. Of course, you'll have to go through the Sky Raiders to get it back. Can you do it?

I feel nervous sending you out on this one. General Z's tips have been gold so far, but I still haven't been able to learn his identity.

Part 5: Recover evidence from Sky Raiders (4 files to recover)
Warehouse (Sky Raiders)

You know that this is going to be dangerous, but the only way you're going to reach the truth is by fighting through the Sky Raiders to get there.

Objective: You found some particularly interesting evidence!

ClueNon-Conventional Force Deployment

This governemnt document, authored by the traitorous Senator Armand, proposes using a mercenary force for deniable black operations around the world. It speicifically points to the Sky Raiders as prime candidates, citing Colonel Virgil Duray's strong sense of loyalty to the United Sates, despite his current rogue status. The document's signers include high-ranking military men and several prominent military contractors, among them one Tyrone Lockhart of Lockhart Aerotech.

Objective: You found some of the stolen evidence!

Objective: You found some of the stolen evidence!

Objective: You found some of the stolen evidence!

Mission Complete: You have recovered all the evidence from the Sky Raiders base.

Christine Lansdale

I can't believe this government document. It's incendiary! It proposes using the Sky Raiders as mercenaries for illegal government operations. And it squarely states that Colonel Duray and the missing members of Vigilance didn't die, but went rogue. This could destroy the careers of numerous people in the military and intelligence community. i'll make sure that everything gets back to the police, and that copies of this paper get to the right people. This General Z isn't playing games.

Head to the Lockhart Aerotech office

Christine Lansdale

General Z's tips have led us to some remarkable conclusions, and I think we need to follow up on them. In particular, I'd like to know more about the connection between Lockhart Aerotech and the Sky Raiders. Can you head over to the Lockhart office and ask around?

I'd sure like to know why Tyrone Lockhart is advocating government use of mercenaries. The same mercenaries who are supposed to be stealing from his company, no less!

Part 6: Seek evidence at Lockhart (4 bombs left, 3 clues left)
Office (Sky Raiders)

It's no visual clue that tips you off to the Sky Raider's presence. It's the subtle whiff of gun polish.

Objective: You found some evidence!

ClueIncriminating photo

This picture shows Tyrone Lockhart, majority owner of Lockhart Aerotech, standing near a prototype jet pack with three other men. one of them is identifiable as Col. Virgil Duray, leader of the Sky Raiders. A second is clearly Wayne Evans, the deceased hero Indomitable. The third man is an older military officer identified as General Aarons. He looks quite familiar.

Objective: You found some evidence!

ClueOrder forms

These order forms seem perfectly normal at first glance. however, close inspection reveals that they list the items the Sky Raiders have stolen from lockhart Aerotech over the last few months.

Objective: You found some evidence!

ClueResearch budget

Buried within the lines of this research budget are appropriations for a special laboratory. This lab is assigned to research jet pack propulsion; it looks like it could be a secret factory for Sky Raider equipment.

Mission Complete: You've prevented the Sky Raiders from destroying both the Aerotech office and the evidence you found there.

Christine Lansdale

It's a good thing you got there when you did, or the Sky Raiders would have bombed that Lockhart office to smithereens. A lot of people owe you their lives today, Red Tomax.

I guess the Sky Raiders were trying to destroy this evidence you found. And I can see why! This strongly hints that Lockhart Aerotech is working with the Sky Raiders. in the right hands, it's enough to start an investigation, at the very least.

Protect the research facility

Christine Lansdale

We have another tip from General Z. It seems the Sky Raiders are going to clear out that secret research facility you learned about. They don't want any evidence of their connection to lockhart Aerotech to fall into your hands. Can you protect that research facility and prevent a massacre?

Most of those researchers probably didn't even know that their hard work was going to help the Sky Raiders.

Part 7: Defeat lead Raider, his guards (Save technician!, 3 clues to find)
Laboratory (Sky Raiders)

The security system is already offline. You only hope that the Sky Raiders haven't finished their grim work.

Objective: You found some interesting technology.

ClueNemesis weapons

The brass fittings and delicate filigree mark these weapons as Nemesis' technology. Each piece is in perfect condition. You have to wonder how Lockhart Aerotech obtained them.

Objective: You found some strange plans.

CluePrototype parts

These are plans and early prototypes for advanced versions of several key Sky Raider technologies.

Objective: You found some research records.

ClueResearch records

These detailed notes show that the direction of this facility's research was often based on mandates from the company CEO, Tyrone Lockhart. The researchers specialized in reverse engineeering acquired technology.

Mission Complete: You saved the researchers and kept the Sky Raiders from acquiring the lab's prototypes.

ClueThe researcher's story

When you rescued the researcher, he told you:

'I was told to shut down the lab's security system pending an upgrade today. We needed the upgrade to provide extra security for the military team that's coming to see our new prototypes. I hear they're looking into the creation of a new Vigilance team!'

Christine Lansdale

Looks like General Z pointed us in the right direction again. Not only is all the evidence still intact, but you've also kept those flying mercenaries from getting their hands on those new weapon prototypes.

Rescue General Aarons

Christine Lansdale

General Z just contacted me by phone, but he got cut off in the middle of our conversation. And I think I know why. Channel 6 just ran a story about the Sky Raiders attacking a private jet in flight. According to the newscaster, the Sky Raiders kidnapped retired General Howard Aarons.

Looks like the Sky Raiders may have figured out Z's identity and decided to strike against him. I need you to rescue General Aarons, Red Tomax. After all he's done for us, it's the least we can do. Take this spare emergency teleporter, just in case.

General Aarons put himself on the line to get all of this information about the Sky raiders into the open.

Part 8: Rescue General Aarons (Seek clues, Unlock back room)
Abandoned warehouse (Sky Raiders,Nemesis)

The Sky Raiders are sure to put up a fight, but you're ready for anything they can throw at you.

Objective: You found a key.

Objective: You found some supplies manufactured by Lockhart Aerotech.

ClueLockhart Aerotech supplies

These boxes contain supplies that were supposedly lstolen from lockhart Aerotech over the last few weeks.

Mission Complete: You rescued General Aarons from the Sky Raiders.

ClueGeneral Aarons' story

When you rescued General Aarons, he told you:

'Yes, I am General Z. I spearheaded the creation of the Vigilance military unit, but I retired in disgrace when Virgil Duray led his men in mutiny. By now you know all I do. That some morally bankrupt members of the government planned to use these traitors, the Sky Raiders, for their own ends. And that Tyrone Lockhart has been secretly funneling aid to the Sky Raiders for his own purposes.

In the world of military secrecy and subterfuge, shadows can breed in the hearts of even the best men. Once this news is out, some of the worst offenders will face justice. You've done supremely good work, and I believe you are a true hero.'

Christine Lansdale

All the evidence about the military connection to the Sky Raiders has gone on to the proper people. My military contacts have reported a sudden flash of resignations going high up the chain of command. Also, I think you'd be pleased to know that the FBI has started an investigation into Tyrone Lockhart, CEO of Lockhart Aerotech. It seems they don't appreciate his company's efforts to supply the Sky Raiders with technology.

You've wrapped this one up nicely. But one thing still bothers me. That lab with the new Sky Raider gear. They were reverse engineering technology that looked like it belonged to Nemesis. Yes, Nemesis. The arch-villain who tried to take over the United States during the 1940's. No one's heard from him in 60 years, but that technology looked brand new. Puzzling, Red Tomax, puzzling. Maybe we'll learn more about this one day.

Souvenir: The Mysterious General Z

You've kept this small cog from a Lockhart Aerotech jet pack. as a reminder of the time you took your orders from:

The Mysterious General Z

It all began when you saved Ambassador T'mbe Alwani of West Libertalia from Sky Raiders assassins. along with his mysterious companion. Unfortunately. the Sky Raiders stole the evidence the ambassador had assembled regarding their terrorist activities in his country.

You were then contacted by a mysterious man calling himself General Z. who tipped you off to the location of the stolen West Libertalian evidence. You recovered the evidence from the Sky Raiders.

General Z next told you about a pending Sky Raider strike on a Lockhart Aerotech warehouse. When you got there. you discovered that Sky Raider attacks were a common occurrence there. almost as if the flying mercenaries were making regular supply runs.

General Z next gave you the location of Gil Armand. a fugitive politician with ties to the Sky Raiders. After you captured him. you learned that all of the evidence against him was stolen by his Sky Raider cronies.

General Z came through again. with the location of the Sky Raider base where the evidence against Armand was kept. There. you found a government document proposing that the U.S. employ the Sky Raiders for deniable illegal operations around the world. This document was authored by Armand and signed by several important military industrial figures. including Tyrone Lockhart. the head of Lockhart Aerotech.

You went to a Lockhart office to get more information. but the Sky Raiders got there first. You prevented them from destroying the evidence and uncovered several tantalizing clues. including the location of a secret research facility that was working on next generation Sky Raider equipment.

General Z warned you that the secret facility was about to be destroyed by the Sky Raiders. and you arrived in time to stop them. As it turned out. the researchers thought they were working on new prototypes for the government. They had been given advanced technology to reverse engineer: technology belonging to the arch-villain Nemesis.

General Z's next tip was cut off when a plane carrying retired General Howard Aarons was attacked in flight. You rescued the general from the Sky Raiders. and he revealed that he was in fact the mysterious General Z. Years ago he had been in charge of the military unit that would eventually go rogue and become the Sky Raiders. He had guided you to these secrets to try and undo some of the damage. Due to the evidence you uncovered. numerous signers of Gil Armand's document resigned in disgrace. Tyrone Lockhart is under investigation for his connection to the Sky Raiders. And General Aarons thanked you. calling you a true hero.

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