Task ForceClamor and Destruction


Mission Index

  1. Investigate the Freakshow (5th Column,Freakshow)
  2. Defeat gang leader and his crew
  3. Take the device to Andrew Fiore
  4. Defeat Devastation & his crew
  5. Defeat Punkadelic & his crew
  6. Defeat all Freaks and soldiers
  7. Speak to Robert Koslowski
  8. Defeat all soliders in base
  9. Defeat all Freaks and soldiers
  10. Patrol Talos for Freakshow
  11. Bust Freak leader and his crew
  12. Disable sonic devices
  13. Disable the second device
  14. Defeat Clamor and her crue

Notable Foes

Sister Psyche's Comrade
Sister Psyche has expressed her gratitude by presenting you with this medal.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Investigate the Freakshow

Sister Psyche

I have sensed a great disturbance in the natural order of our world, and the Freakshow are involved. The nature of this imbalance is not yet clear to me, but I need you to investigate the Freakshow. Perhaps you can learn something from one of them.

I know of a den of these ruffians in the sewers. I will monitor your progress closely, Red Tomax

How do you like the code name Task Force Revelation? I think it is a fine name for a stalwart group such as yours.

Part 1: Investigate the Freakshow
Sewer (5th Column,Freakshow)

Sister Psyche was correct, this den appears to be a Freakshow hangout.

Norris Seneca Scientist [Lieutenant]
This rerearcher has been forced to do some sort of work for the Freakshow. It's hard to imagine how the Freaks got interested in sonic technology, but it's a solid bet that they plan on using it for destruction.

Mission Complete: On one of the Freaks you found a note


You found this note on one of the Freaks you defeated. It reads:

'Norris Senaca will be made to complete the new sonic wave projector. See to it that he learns not to keep me waiting.'

There is also an address on the note. It is signed, 'Clamor.'

Part 2: Defeat gang leader and his crew (Find Norris Seneca)

You hear the hyena-like cackles of Freakshow gangsters.

Mission Complete: You found Brent Thomas and defeated the Freakshow.

ClueNorris Seneca's story

When you rescued Norris Seneca, he told you:

'I'm lucky you showed up. The Freaks have been trying to force me to perfect this sonic wave projector. I think I'd feel safer if you'd take the latest version of the device with you. I want nothing more to do with it!'

Sister Psyche

It seems the Freakshow had plans for thisNorris Seneca and his sonic wave projector. We will have to keep an eye on them.

You have impressed me, Task Force Revelation. I sense that we should keep in close contact with one another, so take my number.

Take the device to Andrew Fiore

Sister Psyche

I need to find out why the Freakshow are so interested in this sonic wave projector you recovered. Please take the device over to Andrew Fiore. He's agreed to examine it for me.

The Freakshow are searching for this object fervently, Red Tomax.

Part 3: Take the device to Andrew Fiore
Delivery @ Talos Island
Andrew Fiore

Sister Psyche said you would be coming by, and I have never known her to be wrong about anything. This sonic wave projector? Hmm, looks like it was adapted from pre-existing technology of some kind. Could be Council. But I think it more likely dates back to the Council's earlier leadership. Either way, I'm sure the Council want it back.

Sister Psyche

So, that sonic wave projector was adapted from a design created by one of Requiem's many minions. Perhaps the Freakshow stole the original device from them.

Now we may have to worry about the Council as well as the Freakshow. The situation grows murkier.

Stop the Freakshow from wrecking the office

Sister Psyche

Someone or something is guiding the Freakshow toward a specific purpose. I think we have to assume that the sonic wave projector you found is in some way critical to their plans. I believe you will learn more at the office building I have marked on your map. I sense many Freaks converging there, with destruction uppermost in their minds. I need you to stop the Freakshow from wrecking that office.

An emergency force field should mitigate the situation, but hurry, Red Tomax, I can sense that the disturbance is building toward a climax.

Part 4: Defeat Devastation & his crew (Destroy the sonic device!)
Instanced Outdoor [Steel Canyon] @ Jamison Office Park

This area is infested with Freakshow, but there's a strange mechanical resonance underlying the gangers' furious battle cries.

Objective: You disabled the sonic device.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Freakshow and neutralized their sonic device.

Sister Psyche

I cannot clearly see what the Freaks are trying to accomplish. but I am sure they have big plans for this sonic device of theirs.

Stop the Freakshow from carrying out their act of terror

Sister Psyche

The disturbance I have been sening seems to spiral ever wider. The warehouse I will guide you to is surely involved; I am certain the Freaks plan to deploy their sonic wave projector there. Everything remains murky; the only thing I sense is that a great act of destruction is planned. Please go to the warehouse and stop the Freakshow from carrying our their act of terror.

The Freakshow is planning somethign very large. I have never sensed this much order to their normally chaotic plans. I have called for an emergency force field, to help you contain the violence.

Part 5: Defeat Punkadelic & his crew (Destroy the sonic device!)
Instanced Outdoor [Crey's Folly] @ The Koger Complex

A strange vibration echoes through these buildings.

Objective: You disabled the sonic device.

ClueExplosive pieces

These fragments are all that remains of the Freakshow's sonic device, which you disabled. The fragments resemble the sonic wave projector originally developed by the Council.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Freakshow and disarmed their sonic device.

Sister Psyche

That warehouse has not been used regularly for some time. Why would the Freaks choose to deploy their sonic device their? Another mystery.

I've had an expert visit those buildings where the Freaks deployed their sonic devices. According to him, the walls and foundations have experienced significant stress. It seems that the Freaks' sonic devices can bring a building crashing down! You may have disrupted their tests, Red Tomax, but I am certain we have not yet seen the full scope of their plot.

Investigate the dispute between the Freakshow and the 5th Column

Sister Psyche

The pattern is finally beginning to come toegether in my mind, Red Tomax. I have sensed a presence of Freakshow and Council agents in the same locale. Go and investigate the dispute between the Freakshow and the Council. I believe we will learn more about these sonic bombs the Freaks have been constructing.

There is a connection here that eludes us. Find it, Red Tomax.

Part 6: Defeat all Freaks and soldiers
Council base

The raucous battle cries of the Freakshow fill the air, mixed with the clipped orders of the Council.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Freakshow and the Council

ClueMinion conversation

The Freakshow and the Council both spoke of a person called Clamor. A former member of the Council's previous regime, Clamor defected to the Freakshow, taking advanced sonic technology with her.

Sister Psyche

It sounds as though this Clamor person gave the Council's sonic wave technology to the Freakshow!

Perhaps we can now begin to unravel the Freaks' mysterious plan. I have no doubt they wish to use their sonic bombs for great evil.

The Freaks' master, Clamor, remains at large. Fear not, Red Tomax; together we will find her and bring her to a different end than the one she is expecting.

Task Force Revelation, you have proved that you are truly a force for good.

Speak to Koslowski about the dangers Clamor might pose

Sister Psyche

Clamor seems to be an important personage among the Freakshow; I think we should learn more about her connection to the Council. I know of one who might help us. His name is Robert Koslowski, and he is an expert in such matters. Speak to Koslowski about the dangers Clamor might pose. Whatever wisdom he has to share with you, use it well.

The road to capturing this fiend is far from over, Red Tomax. Steal yourself for the journey.

Part 7: Speak to Robert Koslowski
Delivery @ Talos Island
Robert Koslowski

I understand you want info on Clamor. I think I can help you out.

Clamor worked in research under the Council's previous leadership, until her love of havoc eventually drew her to the Freakshow. When she left, she took a lot of technology with her, technology the Council feels is rightfully theirs. They don't trust her, Red Tomax. Under the Council's old regime, she was always a wild card. Now that the Center's in charge, I'm sure he'd like nothing better than to eliminate her.

For a while now, I've been watching the base Clamor stole her sonic technology from. If you go over there, I think you might find some more info on her agenda.

Part 8: Defeat all soliders in base (Seek information on Clamor)

The base's defenses are undergoing extensive re-construction.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Council and found some information about Clamor.

ClueClamor dossier

This dossier contains information on Clamor, who left the Council's previous leadership to join the Freakshow. It discusses the ramifications of her departure, including the possibility that the sonic technology she stole could be used for a weapon of mass destruction.

Sister Psyche

Based on this file you found, it sounds like the Freakshow sonic wave bombs may be much more powerful than we had guessed. Good work, Red Tomax. I believe the information you uncovered will aid us in our battle.

Task Force Revelation, you have proved that you are truly a force for good.

Defeat the Council and the Freakshow and find out what it is they seek

Sister Psyche

I sense another confrontation between the Freakshow and the Council. This time they are located in a governemnt office of some kind. Defeat the Council and the Freakshow and find out what it is they seek. I feel we are getting closer to learning the Freaks' plans for their sonic bombs.

I believe the office had something to do with monitoring the environment of Paragon City. There is a man there who will help you; his name is a tree of some kind.

Part 9: Defeat all Freaks and soldiers (3 office workers to save, Take Pine to files)
Office @ Steel Canyon

You can hear the sounds of conflict before you even step through the doors.

Objective: You found the man that Sister Psyche spoke of.

CluePine conversation

When you rescued Gregory Pine, he told you:

'Those Freaks were tearing this place apart looking for detailed scientific information about the bedrock that lies beneath Paragon City.'

Mission Complete: You defeated theCouncil and the Freakshow, freed the office workers, and found the man Sister Psyche told you to seek.

Sister Psyche

Did you find the man I asked you to seek, the one named for a tree? Gregory Pine, yes, that makes sense. What did he tell you?

The Freakshow are interested in geological data? Strange. We must follow up on this information at once.

I can sense that Clamor's plan is nearing fruition. We must stop her!

Patrol Talos Island

Sister Psyche

I need you to patrol Talos Island for me. I sense the Freakshow all over that area, and I think they're up to something big. If you can greatly anger the Freaks, I may be able to get a psychic bead on their base location.

Hurry, Red Tomax, I can sense the danger growing stronger. If the Freaks have plans for those sonic bombs of theirs, we must move quickly!

We must find out what Clamor's plan is as soon as possible.

Part 10: Patrol Talos for Freakshow (Visit 5 locations)
Patrol @ Talos Island

Mission Complete: Your actions have had a profound impact on the Freaks' psychic energy. You feel and impulse to visit a local cave, and you realize that Sister Psyche is guiding you.

Part 11: Bust Freak leader and his crew
Cavern @ Talos Island

Freakshow slogans and graffiti have been crudely carved into the cavern walls.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Freakshow and discovered Clamor's plan.

ClueAxel conversation

After you captured Axel, a loud-mouthed Freakshow gangster, he revealed that Clamor plans to deploy her sonic bombs beneath Brickstown.

Sister Psyche

Clamor used her own men to pull my senses away from her real target, the area under Brickstown. Astounding. She may be a tougher opponent than we realized.

Does Clamor intend to kill everyone in Brickstown with a massive sonic explosion? It doesn't make sense; many of her own men are incarcerated there. I must concentrate.

Disable the sonic devices

Sister Psyche

I have seen Clamor's plan, Red Tomax. She has placed her sonic bombs in several key locations that correspond to weak spots beneath Brickstown. If she is able to detonate those charges, she will turn that zone into another Faultline! You must disable the sonic devices!

Access the first bomb through a sewer entrance in Kings Row. The other two can be reached through sewer access in Skyway City.

Part 12: Disable sonic devices
Sewer @ Kings Row

A strange, irritating vibration rings in your ears.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Freakshow and disabled the sonic bomb.

Part 13: Disable the second device
Sewer @ Skyway City

The same irritating vibration rings in your ears. Wincing, you step deeper into the warehouse.

Mission Complete: You defeat the Freakshow and disabled the second sonic bomb.

Defeat Clamor and her crue

Part 14: Defeat Clamor and her crue (5 hostages to rescue, Destroy the last device)
Sewer @ Skyway City

The now familiar resonance cuts through your skull like a knife. This pulse is more rapid than the others.

Objective: You disabled the last sonic bomb!

ClamorClamor [Arch-Villain]
Eve van Dorn's had a hard time finding friends as dedicated to violence as she is. For a while she found a home in the Council's previous regime, but she could only advance so far in such an organization. So she turned to the Freakshow. Under the name Clamor, Eve's had no trouble rallying other Freaks to her banner.

Mission Complete: You disabled the last sonic bomb, rescued the hostages, and defeated Clamor.

Sister Psyche's Comrade
Awarded for completing the final mission of the Task Force.
Sister Psyche

Your victory over Clamor will be the stuff of legend, my friend.

If Clamor had succeeded in setting off those sonic bombs, the Ziggurat would have crumbled. Thousands of evildoers would have been released onto the streets!

Now that very prison will house Clamor and her compatriots. I can rest eay, for you have unraveled the twisted pattern Clamor was weaving. I am very grateful.

Souvenir: Sonic bomb fragment

This hunk of metal used to be part of a weapon of mass destruction. Now it's simply a reminder of the adventure you've come to think of as:

Clamor and Destruction

While investigating the Freakshow for Sister Psyche. you were sent on a mission to rescue a young scientist. He handed over a device he called a sonic wave projector. which he was forced to develop for the Freakshow. A tech expert named Andrew Fiore suggested that the device was adapted from pre-existing 5th Column technology.

Sister Psyche was able to sense two locations that were part of the Freakshow's plan. Under her guidance. you disarmed two sonic bombs that would have demolished the buildings they were placed in. The bombs appeared to be related to the 5th Column technology used to develop the sonic wave projector.

Sensing a convergence of your enemies. Sister Psyche sent you to a 5th Column base. where you defeated hordes of Freakshow as well as many 5th Column soldiers. All these underlings spoke of a person called Clamor who defected from the 5th Column to the Freakshow. taking advanced sonic technology with her.

Sister Psyche asked you to speak with Robert Koslowski. who directed you to the 5th Column base from which Clamor stole her sonic technology. At that base. you uncovered information about Clamor and the scope of her technology. You were alarmed to learn that the stolen tech could be used to build a weapon of mass destruction.

Sister Psyche then sensed that the 5th Column and the Freakshow were converging on a government office that specialized in geological surveys. She guided you to a hostage. Gregory Pine. who told you that the Freakshow were there looking for data about the bedrock beneath Paragon City.

Next. Sister Psyche turned her powerful senses on a large concentration of Freakshow in Founder's Falls. They proved to be no match for you. but you learned that their activities were nothing more than a distraction designed to lure you away from Brickstown. Clamor's true target. With the help of Sister Psyche. you were able to locate all three sonic bombs and prevent Clamor from turning Brickstown into a seismic disaster area. You also prevented the Ziggurat from crumbling. thus saving countless lives.


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