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  1. Catch Archon Winter (Council)

Kidnap a Council base leader

Angelo Vendetti

You thnk you're ready to work with me? Then you better be ready to handle this. The Council are the sworn enemy of my family, and while I don't demand or even expect you to hate them with the same depth and passion as my line has for 60 years, I need to know if you have what t takes to fight them. If you think you can handle it, then the very frst thing I am going to ask you to do is to kidnap a Council base commander. If you're ready for that, tell me. If you need to get some team mates or supplies, do it and come back. But if you aren't ever going to be ready, then go back to Mercy Island and don't waste my time.

The Council call their leaders Archons, and most Council bases are led by one. I found out that Archon Winters, the leader of one of the local bases here in Port Oakes, is recovering from injuries sustained in a battle. Right now he's weak as a kitten and working with a diminishing staff. You're going to catch him so that I can interrogate hi. Find him, defeat his guards, and drag him out of the base. Once he's out, he won't be your concern. My people will handle it.

Part 1: Catch Archon Winter (Capture WInters and escape)
Council base @ Port Oakes (Council)

This Council base doesn't seem understaffed.

Mission Complete: You captured Archon Winters for interrogation.

Angelo Vendetti

You handled that one well. You just dragged an injured man to a grisly interrogation at the hands of my vengeful family line. I think we can work together.


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