Minor Story ArcSnake Uprising


Mission Index

  1. Cull Snake population (Snakes)
  2. Clear out Snake nest
  3. Defeat Snake leader and minions

Cull Snake population


As you probably noticed, Mercy is literally crawling with Snakes. As far as we can tell, they were once humans until they were infected by some kind of virus which transformed them into the monsters you see now. There's probably some sort of big mutant Snake dug in way down beneath Mercy somewhere who infects people with the Snkae-virus. At least that's what we speculate, 'cause we ain't found that mutant Snake yet!

Those beasts are fast and vicious, and some of 'em have a nasty venom that'll sting ya somethin' harsh! Lord Recluse has put a bounty on them, so if you're looking to get in good with Arachnos, here's your chance. Head over to one of the Snake Pits and take down some Snakes!

Snakes usually stick around pits which lead to their underground lairs. The entrances to these Snake pits can be found all over here in Darwin's Landing, and you might find a couple in the Mercy neighbourhood as well. I know there are a few due West and due East of the clocktower. Oh yah, and they mostly come out at night. mostly.

Go. Hunt Snakes!

Part 1: Cull Snake population (Defeat 5 Snakes)
Defeat X (Snakes)

Mission Complete: You have culled enough Snakes!


Huh. Not bad! Don't get too cocky though, 'cause there's far worse than Snakes around the Rogue Isles.

Clear out Snake next


Nice work on culling the Snakes in the area! Usually we can keep them confined to the Snake Pits, but occasionally they tunnel or slither their way into other places. Speaking of which, we just got a report of a next of 'em forming in the sewers underneath Darwin's Landing. Go in and clear out the Snake nest before it becomes a problem.

The snakes have most likely constructed their nest in the deeper part of the sewers.

Part 2: Clear out Snake nest
Sewers @ Mercy Island

The fetid stench of the Mercy Island sewers is overwhelming. In the depths of this labyrinth of tunnels lies the Snake nest you've some to clear out.

Objective: You found an odd statue

ClueSnake Idol

This small stone statue is roughly carved into the form of a snake.

Mission Complete: You cleared out the Snake nest!


You cleared out the nest? Nice work, Dread Tomax!

This snake statue? Yah, we see 'em sometimes in Snake nests. Some sort of 'snake goddess' they worship or something. I tell ya, those Snakes are vicious AND crazy!

This Snake cult was probably started by the same mutant Snake who transformed those poor suckers in the first place, likely to get them to do her bidding.

Defeat Snake leader and minions


Hey Dread Tomax. You've done some really nice work getting rid of those Snakes, but we've got a new problem. One of the Snake pits has become really active lately, with large groups of them attacking key Arachnos positions. There's probably some sort of Snake leader in the pit who is directing them against these targets, so we need to take this guy out. Head into the Snake pit and take out the leader and his minions.

These Snakes defend their nests well, so you might want to look for some extra muscle to back you up.

Part 3: Defeat Snake leader and minions
Snake Pit @ Mercy Island

All manner of waste covers the entrance to this Snake Pit.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Snake leader!


So the Snakes had a temple down there? Huh. We ran into Snake priests before, but we never tought they were this dug in. Well, this should keep down the Snake population on Mercy Island - for awhile at least.

You're one tough customer, Dread Tomax! You should head on over to Port Oakes to see what kind of trouble you can get into there. Talk with Mikey the Ear or Drea the Hook when you get there.

Souvenir: Snakeskin Boots

These are a pair of snakeskin boots given to you by Mongoose on Mercy Island. You recovered hem after you helped him cull the Snake population in a tale you like to call:

Snake Uprising

It all started when you met Mongoose on Mercy Island. Mongoose was a professional Snake hunter woring for Arachnos, hired to help keep the Snake population down. he got you to help him cull the Snakes on Mercy, giving you a chance to prove your worthiness to Lord Recluse.

Mongoose then sent you to clear out a nest of Snakes infesting the sewers underneath Mercy Island. In the Snakes lair you found a strange statue on their leader, a roughly-carved idol in the form of a snake. Returning to Mongoose, he mentioned finding similar statues in other Snake nests. Supposedly, the Snakes worshipped some sort of 'snake goddess'.

Mongoose received news about the Snakes from a particular pit were staging strikes on specific Arachnos targets. Mongoose believed there was some sort of Snake leader behind these attacks, and sent you to take him down. You entered the Snake pit and discovered in its depths a large Snake temple to their goddess Sthenko. You took down their high priest S'thaco and returned to Mongoose for your reward.


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