OtherMongoose's bank job


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  1. Steal money from bank

Steal money from bank


I've been earnin' a few bucks here and there on Snake bounties, but I've got what you call 'expensive tastes'. So, if you're up for it, I got a job for you to pull off. There's a local bank that's just beggin' to be robbed. Hit the bank and bring back the money!

I'd do it myself, but I'm know too well around these parts.

Part 1: Steal money from bank (Steal money from vault!, Defeat guards to escape)
Bank @ Mercy Island

One of the bank staff looks up and eyes you nervously.

Objective: You stole the money!

ClueMoney bags

These are bags fillled with cold hard cash stolen from the bank on Mercy Island!

Mission Complete: You robbed the bank!


Ah, sweet money! Nice work, Dread Tomax. We'll make a hardened criminal out of you yet!


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