Minor Story ArcEarning Arachnos' Favour


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all Snakes in area (Snakes)
  2. Defeat all Snakes in lab
  3. Defeat Syrus and his guards

Mop up the stragglers


I'm going to take a chance on you, Dread Tomax. This isn't something I'd do for everyone. But you've shown me enormous potential, and I truly believe you may be one of those special few destined to bring about Arachnos' great future. So I'm going to send you on an official Arachnos operation. Arachnos has had a brief skirmish with the Snakes, and we need someone to mop up the last stragglers in the area. Just don't embarras me. Remember, this is your chance to be Arachnos' ally. If you don't take advantage of it, you could become our enemy.

We'll fly you to the area. Once you're there, I hope you'll aquit yourself well.

Part 1: Defeat all Snakes in area
Instanced [Mercy Island] @ Mercy Island (Snakes)

You hear the strange animal scream of a Snake.

Mission Complete: You have helped Arachnos dispose of the Snakes.


My peers within Arachnos were quite impressed with your abilities, Dread Tomax. In fact, they may be willing to giv eyou another operation. But don't let that make you complacent. Remember, Arachnos is an organization made up of many factions. Though you may gain the favour of some, there will almost certainly be others who may oppose you.

Get the Snakes out


Arachnos has seen you take down Snakes, and they've got another job for you. A week ago, a group of Snakes invaded one of our labs. They took it over, and have been holed up there ever since. We want them out. If you can make that happen, you'll eanr the confidence of my superiors. That respect won't mean that all Arachnos factions will be with you, but it may afford you some protection as you journey through the Rogue Isles.

Arachnos is trusting you with this task. I trust you will not disappoint us.

Part 2: Defeat all Snakes in lab
Laboratory @ Mercy Island

These dark and menacing hallways are filled with the Snakes' strange scent.

Mission Complete: You have cleared the Snakes from the arachnos base, and learned something interesting.

ClueThe Snake's story

One of the Snakes you defeated hissed:

'Syrus will not tolerate thisss atrocity! He will dessstroy you!'


You have don well! Your future is looking quite bright, Dread Tomax. If that Snake youput down is to be believed, we now know the leader of their little group. That means you can track him down and punish him for his assault against Arachnos. Do that, and I think I can introduce you to some new people on Mercy.

Take down Syrus


The leader of the Snakes who violated our base is named Syrus. I need him in custody immediately. Take him down, Dread Tomax, and I can nearly guarantee your immediate future will be a happy one.

You would do well to remember this lesson. Sometimes those who defy Arachnos can escape our clutches for a little while. But they never escape forever.

Part 3: Defeat Syrus and his guards
Snake Cavern @ Mercy Island

This task could well be your ticket to the big time.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Syrus and earned the respect of Arachnos!


Well done, young Dread Tomax. Well done. your skills against the Snakes have convinced me that the hunter Mongoose can make better use of your talents than I. The time has come for us to part, but rest assured that I will be watching you for as long as you choose to remain in the Rogue Isles.

Soon, I forsee that our little Mercy Isle will become too small for one as powerful as yourself. As you venture forth to each new island, you will have to build your reputation anew in order to establish contacts. But remember, brokers alway have a task available for those with few scruples. Seek out the brokers, and your journet will continue.

I am impressed, Dread Tomax. I think I can assure you that, no matter what, Arachnos will have its eye upon you for a good long while. If you want to perform well, I recommend you outfit yourself with the best Enhancements.

There is one who will test you further. His real name is unknown in these parts; I, along with everyone else, refer to him by his soubriquet: Mongoose. He will throw you into some of the darkest pits this island has to offer. Come out of the alive, and your future may be secured.

Souvenir: Kalinda's kiss

You can still feel a faint heat on the back of your hand, where Kalinda pressed her lips. You have to assume that her touch was more than a kiss; it was a symbol of Arahnos' favour, and perhaps also a blessing.

Earning Arachnos' Favour

It began with a simple task. Kalinda believed you could be trusted with an official Arachnos operation, and so she sent you to mop up some Snakes.

Kalinda's superiors were impressed with both your skill and your brutality, and so you were given another assignment. You have to remove a nest of snakes from an Arachnos base. While there you leanred the name of their leader, Syrus.

Kalinda wanted Syrus taken down, and you were happy to oblige. Now, Arachnos smiles on you -- at least for the moment.


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