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  1. Defeat Burch & all negotiators (Longbow)

Take out Operative Burch


If you want to stay in the Rogue Isles, Dread Tomax, there's one thing you need to learn right away: Arachnos can be your ally, or your enemy. Support us, serve us, and we will reward you. Stab us in the back, and it will be the last move you make.

There is an operative here on Mercy who used to be our ally, but he has recently made himself our enemy. Operative Burch. As we speak, the fool is planning to sell confidential Arachnos information to those troublesome do-gooders, Longbow. I want you to take him out.

You've heard of Longbow, I expect? A group of trained soldiers and superhumans out to make everyone in the world do things their way? Their leader, Ms. Liberty, seems to think it's her lace to meddle in Arachnos affairs. She's sorely mistaken, I assure you.

Burch plans to meet Longbow at the docks. We'll have a boat take you there.

Part 1: Defeat Burch & all negotiators
Instanced [Mercy Island] @ Mercy Island (Longbow)

You dont know Operative Burch from Adam, but you know bringing him in will make you look good to Kalinda.

Mission Complete: You defeated Burch and the negotiators!


Burch has suffered justly for what he tried to do to Ghost Widow. But let me clue you in on something, Dread Tomax: Burch wasn't alone. He had orders. There are many factions within Arachnos, and they are always vying for dominance. Sometimes they even go so far as to betray Arachnos in order to spite each other. Captain Mako, Black Scorpian, and even Scirocco all might have reasons for wanting to see Ghost Widow hurt.

Of all Arachnos operatives, only the Arbiers are inviolate. Only they are never subject to the petty squabbles that sometimes threaten to rip our great Arachnos apart.


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