OtherBlack Swan & the Shadow World


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Black Swan & her guards (Praetorians)

Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Black Swan, Arch-Villain (Praetorians)

Shut down Black Swan's portal to the Shadow World

Maria Jenkins

The Praetorian Black Swan gains her powers from her dimension of origin, some sort of Shadow Shard. No one at Portal Corporation has yet been able to determine which dimension Black Swan comes from, but we know that that's where she finds her shadow soldiers. If you could shut down Black Swan's portal to Shadow World, you could prevent her army from growing any larger. Maybe you could even cut off her own power supply!

The location of this Shadow World is a mystery Portal Corporation has been trying to plumb for some time.

Part 1: Defeat Black Swan & her guards (Destroy the Portal)
Instanced Outdoor [Dark Astoria] @ Peregrine Island (Portal) (Praetorians)

It seems that Black Swan and her shadow soldiers like to hang out in this crumbling graveyard.

Black SwanBlack Swan [Arch-Villain]
Born with a connection to Shadow Earth in the Netherworld, Black Swan can channel anergy from that dimension into attacks and defenses. She is served by minions that some say she draws from Shadow Earth and others say are created by stealing pieces from the shadows of her victims.

Mission Complete: You defeated Black Swan and destroyed her portal to the Shadow World.

Maria Jenkins

We still haven't located Black Swan's Shadow World, but at least we've cut off her access to it for the time being. Good work, Red Tomax. I'm glad I've got you with me in the fight against the Praetorians.


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