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Mission Index

  1. Combat Crey in Crash Site (Crey)

Go to the Rikti Crash Site and stop Crey pollution

Janet Kellum

According to my sources, Crey agents have been dumping hazardous chemicals by the truckload in the Rikti Crash Site. We'll never clean up that zone if these shenanigans continue. I want you to get over to the Rikti Crash Site and show Crey that it isn't their own private landfill.

Crey has a long history of skirting anti-pollution laws. They've done a lot of damage near the sunken road and point du hoc; you might want to start in those areas.

Part 1: Combat Crey in Crash Site (Defeat 45 Crey)
Defeat X @ Rikti Crash Site (Crey)

Mission Complete: You discouraged Crey from polluting the Rikti Crash Site.

Janet Kellum

Thanks for taking care of that pollution problem. Crey has never been a stickler for environmental regulations, but I think you convinced them to clean up their act.


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