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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Siege & his guards (Praetorians)

Notable Foes

Shut down Siege's factory

Maria Jenkins

This is exciting, Red Tomax. We've got a lead on one of Siege's primary production facilities, the factories where he produces all his android minions. If you could get to Praetorian Earth and shut down Siege's factory, you'll be taking a lot of the bite out of his army. It won't be easy, Red Tomax. But I believe that if anyone can manage this, it's you.

My sources have informed me that the facility has several power generators you'll need to disable.

Part 1: Defeat Siege & his guards (Seek clues, 7 generators to destroy)
Instanced Outdoor [Terra Volta] @ Peregrine Island (Portal) (Praetorians)

Siege's massive factory spouts great gouts of black smoke into the air.

Objective: You have found some of the parts used to create Siege's minions!

ClueAndoid Parts

You recovered these android parts from Siege's production facility on Praetorian Earth. They should help the scientists of your world figure out how to best combat Siege's legions.

SiegeSiege [Arch-Villain]
The masterpiece of Neuron, Siege is the most advanced android ever created on Praetorian Earth. neuron used Tyrants DNA patterns to create him, making him virtually indestructible and extremely loyal.

Mission Complete: You disabled Siege's factory and found some adroid parts.

Maria Jenkins

You've put a serious crimp in Siege's production. Even better, these android parts you found should give us a good idea of how to best battle Siege's android dopplegangers. Citadel's been cooperating with us in our analyses of the androids, but there are still a few enigmas we can't crack. Maybe now that'll change.


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